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As some may have heard, there will be a MINI one make race series:)
The 1st round is Down Under for the start of the 2002 F1 year, where Michael Cooper son of John, might be racing.
the series will be called:

The John Cooper challenge :cool: :cool: :cool:

The series will be going to British shores soon.

Just thought such events would make a great place for a MINI meet. it would also be a very good excuse for people from europe etc to come to Blighty :D :D

What do you think guys:confused: :confused: :D :D

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Cooper racing at the F1

You’re almost right, They are racing the COOPER,

Australia is not getting MINI ONE, only the Cooper and Cooper S

FYI the Ozi MINI’s will have the Speedo and Tacho swapped, strange but true !

It’s @ the Australia ( Melbourne ) F1

The race they’re having is the celebrity race !!

A bunch of half famous / bad drivers go out and destroy a nice new cars !!!

@ least we get to see first hand what happens to a COOPER when it hits the wall at 100KPH!!

Last year it was the poor BMW Z3, This year's sacrificial lamb is the MINI COOPER

This will be a major event for the MINI in OZ as it won't be available to around mid 2002

My dealer has two COOPERS but both are not Australian complianced and therefore can not be driven. It's like being in a candy store without any money

Hmmmmmmmmmm………… How do I get famous in the next few months without getting arrested !

OH… NO… I just realized that the Melbourne F1 Circuit is right handed ( clockwise ). I think there will be a lot of crashes on the OUTSIDE ( to the left ) of the circuit …. hehehehehe

P.S. This is my first post of many :)

P.P.S. I pick up my new number plate tomorrow MIN 141 or MINI for ONE... no one else will be able to drive it … delivery mid 2002 MAYBE.. in the meantime they will be stuck on my Merc :)

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I'll E-Mail u the photos from my holiday in OZ so u can see the MINI's hit the wall.

Just thought I'd rub it in cos I will be there to watch it.

Going to Perth.Sydney,Melbourne and Cairns.
Its a hard life but someone has got to go.
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