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The dealer is actually letting people test drive it even though it is in limb mode and with the check engine line Like I said this car is literally in the middle of no where. I suspect if you go there, there will be a guy in a rocking chair playing a banjo.
I finally found one very, very far away. Too far to drive and see but it looks good with the check engine light on. The car starts and runs but it looks like it has the limp mode on the dashboard. Are there particular things that would cause this? I'm trying to understand how much maintenance I would be in for. I would think if it was something severe like bent valves, it wouldn't even start right? What potential things can trigger this at that mileage: I'm thinking, High Pressure Fuel Pump, O2 sensors, or something like that, are there other things?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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