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2006 MINI Cooper S
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2006 MINI Cooper S Convertible - this AM, put the top back 1/2 & Windows down w/switch. Had a local kid coming by to wash for a fund raiser.

Put top all the way back & NOW the right back window WILL NOT COME back up w/switch, etc. It's "stuck" approximately 3 inches up.

I can hear the motor on that side operating fine (with top partially down & my ear to the housing) but window won't budge.

How to get to it to see/fix the mechanism?

- THANKS for ANY assistance!


Found a video online (video link below) & got a clue on how to at least look at it. Seems that one end of the wire mechanism part of the regulator(?) has broken. Sigh...

***** Since I'm a new member, I can't post URL for Video yet, so search YouTube for video by "John H" w/title of "Mini Cooper rear window regulator replacement" *****

Looking online for what is the smallest & easiest portion I can purchase to repair.

UPDATE 2: Photos added - the cable either fouled in the motor/gear assembly causing the cable "holding" assembly to break OR the that "holder" broke & the result was the cable fouling, etc. Unlike the front window regulators, you can't purchase just the cable kit, so had to locate an intact regulator assembly. PITA!

Gtfinchy - newbie forum member - old MINI owner


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