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Mini S Production

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Well just visited our Mini Dealer in Memphis and she gave me a production date of July 12th. :D :D :D
Does this mean the car will be finished that day or production begins? Since this car is an orginal dealer allocation, they are changing the options on it for me with no delay in the production date. Premium/sports with a white top...chili red
The dealer also will let me know what cars arrive in the mean time in case I start having withdrawal systems and have to have one now:D

Think they should start a new production line in Oxford...
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I believe that indicates the date production is complete.:)

Congrats on your Week 28 build :D You should be able get a production number from your dealer and join the Owners' Lounge at the MINI USA site :cool:
Gary Tate said:
Think they should start a new production line in Oxford...
They are! :D
I have been told that My mini s will be completed by 6/7
That is the same date as miniusa has on the member area:)
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