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Hi all

Just checking whether any MINI SE owners here have problems charging at the stated 45-50kWh DC charging speed. Our June 2022 MINI Electric has failed to charge at the DC after its first charge of the day. After driving for 140-150km, to recharge the MINI, the speed will drop to 22-12kWh. No problems with AC charge (with our experience so far). A BMW/MINI executive told me that as stated in the manual, that slow charge happens, as the car and battery is too hot after the drive. It's winter in Australia (Canberra) since we started driving the car. We've done our research via reviews and YouTube videos before purchasing the car and has never heard of the problem. The most extreme and frustrating experience was to charge from 2%-100% (29kWh) and it took 2hrs 41mins. Since day one that we've owned the car, it has never been able to do a back to back DC charge at MINI's stated speed.

To worsen the issue, the power drops significantly after the charge. The MINI Garage has attempted to repair the vehicle to no effect.

We know the short range MINI is not designed for long trips, but not being able to do the very least of 2 back to back DC charging just sounds ludicrous.

Really appreciate to hear from fellow MINI EV users on their experience.

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