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MINI Select : Early termination

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Anybody got any experience of comiong out of a MINI Select deal early?

How did it go? Did you end up hugely out of pocket.

Thinking of putting Dooper back after 6 month of 2 year deal and buying a £2>£3k BMW instead:eek:
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Good luck. In my experience it tends to be that the sooner you come out of the deal the more you lose - but thats just my experience with my car... Hopefully you will fair slightly better :)
I was advised by a dealer that you lose the most by ending a deal in the first 6 months. Essentially if the car is sold for more than you owe, then you can pay off the finance, and bingo. However if you then work out how much it has cost to own the car for the 6 months you will be very depressed.
Cheers for comments.
Must look out my agreement for a look @ T&Cs:hmph:
You can sell up and settle at any time. The thing is that you have to pay off whatever settlement figure they give you. So if the car is worth less than the settlement figure then you'll need to find the difference from somewhere else, eating into your £2-3k BMW no doubt. If the car does have enough equity on it to pay off the finance then you're laughing, but something tells me this won't be the case. In the first 6 months of the deal you'll be mostly be paying off interset on the loan so the sellement figure won't have dropped as quickly as the value of your Dooper.

A clause you may wish to look into is the handing of the car back with nothing to pay once you've paid 50% of the finance. This will be somewhere between 12 & 18 months into your 2 yr deal. If this is of interest it may be a better option than buying a car for 2-3k now that has no warranty and an increased likelyhood of maintenance outlay, MOT failure etc. Depends why you want to swap your Dooper really.
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MGFV is more than 50% so i'll never hit that.
I reckon i'd be settlement would be close to value just now so thought i might be able to walk away. Deal on beemer has fallen through so be leaving it just now.

Thinking of swapping Dooper cause im bored and miss RWD and it's too bloody dear for what it is.

Sticking just now though.

Added to that, your dealer may talk you out of it as any commision they earnt from your deal will more than likely be taken back by the finance company.

I would honestly stick with it though,it'll cost you dear to come out as you'll have really only just paid the interest on the deal
yip holding - decided to complete contract term
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