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MINI spot lights

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I am looking for some spot lights, preferably on eBay.

What would you recommend? I am wanting to eventually connect them to the main beam, is this easy to do?

Thanks in advance!

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No idea which lights are best but they are easy to wire up. You'll need a live feed (preferably live when ignition on but not 100% essential) and a relay. Use one of the lives going to the full beam to switch the relay and the feed to the spots via the relay.
I have the wipacs, stanless steel ones so they shouldn't rust. Easy to fit if you know your way round wiring (that's what my big bro if for!! :D) Look round the directory adverts on here. Can't remember where I got them from, but it was from one of the advertisers. Think they're all over ebay too.

You do need to drill through the innter skin of the bonnet though, so be carefull!!

Hope that helps a bit..

Take a look at the wipac lights they look great, have a word with Mikey, he is really helpful !!!
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I supply them with a loom & instructions :)
How good are the instructions for .. say someone who isn't very good electrically? Haha.
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High or Dipped Beam

Sorry for highjacking your thread, but do these driving lamps (spotlamps) only come on with the HIGH beam or can they be configured for LOW beam also?
Its illegal to have spot lamps on with low beam you would blind oncoming drivers
Its illegal to have spot lamps on with low beam you would blind oncoming drivers
I wasn't sure if the OEM BMW/Mini driving lamps has seperate dip & high beam bulbs. Hence the question.
How good are the instructions for .. say someone who isn't very good electrically? Haha.
Easy ;)
Haha. Nice. Thanks for the reply.

I might have to look into this further .. and perhaps find out how much it would cost to send it all the way to Perth, Western Australia.
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The spotlights - wipac are about £50 on ebay complete with brackets and wiring. Does anyone have instructions as to were the brackets fit??
I know they're not favoured by everyone but i installed the minisport lamp bar kit. cost around £200 and came with instructions, all wiring, 4 spots and the bar.

I'm pretty much a complete novice when it comes to mechanics but wasn't beyond me to fit it myself, apart from a little duck tape here and there ;)

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Quite remarkable to find them where you have attatched them. I would have thought they somehow fit to the grill and then all the wires are together with the headlights. Or are they on a separate switch?
the bar attaches to the bumper mounting points and to the back of the bumper brace bar, so there is quite a bit of fitting compared to what i imagine there is in other systems, had to remove the bumper and brace bar but nothing a torque wrench couln't manage (once i'd dusted it off!)

wires run through the edge of the engine bay, relay sits at the back and then a wire follows the headlamp wires to the back of the left headlight unit, where i just spliced it into the full beam wire. all in all took about 6hrs over 2 days, but like i said it was the first time i'd done anything like this
so i took it slow

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Ive got a pair of Hella Comet 200 spots, they are designed for the MINI with sturdy brackets that fit nice and easy with no drilling required or bumper removal, they came with all instructions and wiring etc. The bodies are chrome dipped plastic so no chance of rusting as others do. They were a little xmas pressie to the MIN BIN last year £130 all in.

Highly recommended!


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Buz999 - wondered if you had any photos of the attatchment as it looks from the pic it attatches to the grill.

The brackets go through the grill then go upwards and follow the shape of the bonnet then attach to a point on the inner skin.

I will take a couple of photos tomorrow and post them up!
Took these this morning, hope they clear things up.


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Thanks for your post, mine appears to be different under their!!!!

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