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MINI spotted in Northern Virginia

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First I must tell you that my office is a shrine to the MINI. I have a 1/18 scale Maisto MINI on my monitor. My wall paper is a Dark Silver S, I use the MINI screen saver. Everyone in my office has been hearing me rant about the MINI for far too long. Every day someone will ask me "are you still number 9 on the list..." or "when do you get your MINI?". I think my boss recently gave me a raise just so I could afford a MINI... Well, if that's the case I think I'll show interest in a 360 Modena...:D

Anyway, on to the MINI sighting. This is the interesting part because I myself have still not seen one in the flesh. One of my buddies says to me today at work "Jon, what's the name of that car you want? The Cooper?" I turn on him as though he just asked my daughter out on a date. He proceeds to tell me that on his way to work this past Wednesday, along the Dulles toll road (those in VA will know) at about 8:30 AM pulled over on the left side (HOV lane violator anyone :rolleyes: ) is a Pure Silver Cooper. That's right, all silver - No black roof. Poor guy is being given a ticket by one of Virginia's finest.

So, you folks in this area know what that means don't you. Either MINI of Sterling or MINI of Arlington (or both) have their hands on a MINI!!! :D :D :D ARGHHHHHH :eek: I have to work tomorrow. Well, I'll be going to the dealership first thing Sunday and demand to see, sit in, and hopefully drive a MINI. It's getting so close I can hardly stand it anylonger.

Sorry to ramble. I'll keep you posted ;)
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Be sure to let us know if you find out where that car is. I've been meaning to call Leon at MINI of Arlington but I've been pretty busy at work this week. I'd be pretty upset if I missed a chance to see it and sit in it. I've seen the MINI at the New York Auto Show last year and at Road Atlanta last October at the Petit Le Mans but Haven't been able to sit in it yet.

On the "S" list at MINI of Arlington.

Hmmm. I'd be REALLY surprised if it was MINI of Sterling. I spoke to Christal tonight and she said nothing about having a MINI. Although, I could see any dealership not telling people to keep it for themselves for awhile.

While I was typing this, I decided to call Christal, she was gone. BUT guess WHAT! The rep was there two days ago with a Silver MINI for one day. DAMN, DRAT, and everything else.
In Christal's defense, she was in meetings all day that day according to who I talked to.

WE MISSED IT!!!:eek:

(BTW, no.1 at Sterling)
And now we know what that rep was doing at 8:30 AM. Getting a ticket for an HOV violation. Eastbound Toll road at the Hunter Mill Road exit:rolleyes:
Garfield said:
...I spoke to Christal tonight and she said nothing about having a MINI. ....
(BTW, no.1 at Sterling)
By the way Garfield. I have to admit to having been a little slack with my communications with MINI of Sterling lately. I have had conversations with Mr. Moorehead, and several with Daphne Banks. Who is Christal?

I better get on the ball and start talking to these folks some more.

Also, you and I may both be low on the totem pole with no place to go (you number 1 :D , me number 9 :cool: for the S). You state NO options. I want few to none. What discussions have you had with Christal regarding how she envisions this thing playing out?

Talk to me....Please :)
MINIMiller, I'll take this to PM's.
Heys amigos I am #26 on the list but I have overheard that ALPINA is in the works on a 2:D:D Bhp to come out soon, I might wait longer than I expected on this one anyone heard of this!!!!:cool: :D :D :D :)
Mini Chopo "S" said:
Heys amigos I am #26 on the list but I have overheard that ALPINA is in the works on a 2:D:D Bhp to come out soon, I might wait longer than I expected on this one anyone heard of this!!!!:cool: :D :D :D :)
If in doubt, use the search function ;) :

... and there is more on Alpina if you search for it :)
Bruce K your the man , thanks for the info . I believe with us able to reprogram the ECU and getting a smaller aftermarket pulley for the charger, better intake and free flow exhaust it CAN happen!!!:cool:
MINI Miller, it turns out Christal DID get to drive the car, but the Rep was only there for an hour. Christal assumed that I would've been more depressed had I driven all the way there to miss it. This is true.

(word is, we may have our day in February, shhhhh ;))
That's great news about February...oops. That's right. This is supposed to be hush hush...

I went by the dealership today - Kind of late, I did not go in. The MINI area is not quite ready for showing one of the objects of our desires, but they have begun to erect the "MINI information center" My wife said it looks like a coke machine :confused: (What does she know, when I stopped the car in front of a parked M3 and began to drool, all she could say was "it just looks like a car...):rolleyes:

I truly do hope to get by there next Saturday. Maybe run into Tom or Christal.
My NoVA brothers..........what's the scoop? Is there one coming there this week?

I can't believe the silver MINI got pulled over on the toll road. I used to live close to the Hunter Mill Rd and Sunrise Valley intersection.

I dropped by my local dealer in Richmond and they have the "Coke machine" MINI information center. It's filled with the Book of Motoring (that MINIUSA sent a few months ago) and some other little items. The salesman is supposed to call me back today.........hope to get some news real soon.
Apparently the All Silver Cooper was just down for the day. A dealer rep car. Hoping for another showing next month. So the coke machine was filled with the book of motoring:eek: Useless. I wish the dealers could at least get a hold of some pleasant materials for us to review while waiting.

Will keep you updated.
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