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I need to get this out to anyone thinking of getting a Mini. I am so disappointed. Please read and feel free to message me personally if you have had similar experiences. My specific experiences have happened at the downtown Toronto Mini dealership.
  1. Every single time I have had to get my car serviced there is an issue. Within LESS than 4 months and LESS than 4000 kms my car needed a new part for the driver’s seatbelt. How can a brand new car be missing such a crucial element?
  2. When I brought my car in, the service people were incredibly rude and did not want to help me. They do not even acknowledge the fact that my brand new car was missing a really important part. They could not have cared less that my new car was unsafe or that I had take time off work to bring my car into the dealership. I was not even offered a ride or rental car while they serviced my car. There was NO apology for the inconvenience, but rather made me feel as though I had burdened them with my malfunctioning, unsafe car.
  3. I told the serviceman, Aldrick, that I desperately needed my car for a roadtrip I have planned. He dismissed this and gave me a vague response as to when my car would be ready. It is the next day (just about closing time) and still I have NOT heard from Aldrick. Completely unacceptable and has ruined the trip.
  4. It took Mini TWO DAYS to get back to me about my car. They had no explanation as to why my brand new car needed a new part. Aldrick was not the one to call me - another equally rude and dismissive man called me.
  5. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have had an issue with Mini. My last car, also a Mini, had a new problem every month. Again, every time I brought my car in I was met with the same rude, unwilling staff at the service desks.
Enough is enough. I think it is time to sell my Mini. It is not worth having a car that constantly has issues and dealing with some of the worst customer service peopleI have ever dealt with in my life. Please reach out/comment if you have had similar experiences with Mini.
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