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I have been keeping a list of the sites that are offering (or will be offering) MINI tuning parts. This is what I have so far:

Are there others to add to this list?

The 250-275hp Stage II kit in the last link was mentioned in an earlier post and looks good for anyone who wants to completely abandon their warranty (and transmission and ...) :)

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Handy list, I will add those to the links section as soon as I can find time!

Great stuff, thanks! I like the turbo kit however I highly doubt it can make 275hp with 10 psi of boost in a 1.6 motor. 8-10 psi on that motor with no internal mods and an intercooler should make a solid 200hp. That would be very nice in a 2350 lb. car!
Remember the 275bhp is the stage two kit which includes a fairly large sized intercooler for a 1600 engine. But 245bhp is probably still optimistic!
The general rule is that for every 1 psi of intercooled boost equals roughly 10bhp for small displacement motors. The Mitsu turbine they are using is efficient and with the right air/fuel mix and free flowing intake and exhaust I would say 12bhp per psi is realistic. That would yeild about 235bhp!

A Mini with that kind of power should be cabable of 0-60 times in the mid to high 5 second range. Sounds good to me!
Thats alot of power!

My friend has a pre 1995 Fiesta Turbo, with 9psi, and it wheel spins in 5th gear!

It does 0-162mph, in just under 5 seconds, mind u its been chipped and a whole loada stuff been dumped in there.

Its roughly around 180bhp

So maybe the MINI will do 0-62mph in les than 5secs? I'm only speculating
oops meant 0-62mph not 0-162mph (would be damn good if it could do it in that time hehehe)
hey keith where are you in florida? Im in Jacksonville:D
Mini Chopo "S" said:
hey keith where are you in florida? Im in Jacksonville:D
Other end of the state - Sanibel Island.
Ok Keith u got where Pensacola area or Fort myers area are you going to the mini show on the weekend of feb 22-24 next month:)
What Mini show? Please tell me more!
Thanks, Keith
Keith I'll let you know of this I'll send the info later on today ok!!:D
I got the info from MiniMania News letter;

The 2002 Mini Event season starts up Feb. 22 through 24 with the Spring
in St. Petersburg, FL. The Florida Mini Enthusiasts (FLAME) have
scheduled a
weekend full of fun and games – including a Mini show, scavenger hunt,
auction, and New MINI test drives. Sign up before Feb. 10 to get the
best deal
on registration fees! For more info, go to FLAME's website at

:rolleyes: :D
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