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Now that I've booked room and tickets, the next biggest dilemma is what to wear :confused: No I am not coming out of the closet :mad: but with a Bond theme, there is just so much to chose from :eek:

I may come as Mr Bond

Or even a Vilan :eek:

In a non-MINI :eek:

My leading Ladies :p

So what will you wear?

I know Soggy is coming as -

Mo -

Rakesh after his holiday in the Maldives :aargh:

S aka Steve (S&M) -

MadBrummie -

Earl aka Grizzly :D -

Specc away your outfits :biggrin:

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most likely the slinkiest dress i can find... backless of course :p

but i probably could be pursuaded to wear an ursula andress bikini for significant donations to the charity fund ;)

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Well you can get away with it because you are scottish right?

I always had a bit of a crush on Timothy Dalton...:redface: he he he and my friends always mock me for it! The Living Daylights! I love it! :tongue: All i need is a Cello! :biggrin:
1 - 20 of 213 Posts
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