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Rocking the F57
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chrisandjax said:
We are both looking forward to the event, as we really felt we missed out on something last year. :smile:

Last year, it was only a couple of months ago!! :eek: :D :D :D

Put me down please (with a +1;) )...

minicabrio - Jon
+1 Luverly Lesley - Lesley

I just need to phone and ask her now :D :D :D

I'll sort out tickets and hotel tomorrow from work on decent interweb connection :D

*Merry Prankster*
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I'm registered. Hopefully there'll be someone prepared to take responsibility for me on the night. :confused:

total MINI . com
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Please please please when paying by PayPal use the same email address on your registration as on your PayPal. If you don't then the invoice request sent to you does not automatically match to payments received which means lots of manual matching to be done by me !! And the possiblities of errors being made which we dont want.

Thanks :)
41 - 60 of 675 Posts
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