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We are proud to announce the details for the MINI2 Charity Ball 2008!

Following the 2007 Charity Ball, when MINI enthusiasts came together to raise over £10,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care, the MINI2 Charity Ball 2008 will have an Italian Job theme, and be held in aid of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

All MINI owners and enthusiasts are welcome from all over the UK, Europe, and the World!
The ball will take place on Saturday 17th May 2008, at the Northampton Marriott Hotel.

Northampton is ideally positioned in the centre of the country, with excellent road and rail links and within close proximity of several International airports.

This years event promises to be our best ever, the 2007 Charity Ball exceeded all expectation, the generousity of the MINI community astounds us every year, and we really hope to make 2008 another winner, with your help!

Tickets are priced at an incredible £45 per person which includes all your evening’s entertainment, dinner, and a drink on arrival.

The hotel are offering great prices of £69 double and £59 single bed and breakfast rate, this is exclusive for the MINI2 Charity Ball event.

Please visit the MINI2 Charity Ball website for further details and to make your booking, and even if you can’t come, there’s way to show your support on the site.

Thank you, and see you in Northampton!

Northampton Marriott Hotel
Early bird booking rates:
£59.00 Bed & Breakfast single occupancy
£69.00 Bed & Breakfast double occupancy

You can book a room NOW using a credit card to secure the room, which can be cancelled up until 2.00pm the day prior to the 2008 Ball without incurring any charges.

Call +44 1604 768700 and ask for a room from the MINI2 Charity Ball allocation (NB: Bookings switch to Central Reservations after 5pm - best to ring during working hours!), we currently have 50 rooms block booked but these may be released at the hotel's discretion so book quickly!!

You can also fax your reservation to +44 1604 702485 which may be better for overseas visitors with time differences etc.

There are a limited number of executive rooms available at an extra charge - please enquire on current pricing at the time of booking.

Please advise in this thread if you have booked a room.

Paid Deposit - D Paid in Full - F Booked Hotel - H

  1. Lorraine - H F
  2. mad brummie - H F
  3. Carlos. - H F
  4. Gravity (Carolos. +1) F
  5. RVW - H F
  6. RVW + 1 - F
  7. Speedd - F
  8. Speedd +1 - F
  9. Jordan210 - F[/b}
    [*]ButtonIt - F
    [*]Buttonit +1 - F
    [*]minisoopercooper - H F
    [*]dalboyne - H F
    [*]dalboyne +1 F
    [*]Scrogg - H F
    [*]soggycornflakes - H F
    [*]soggycornflakes +1 - F
    [*]Rakey - H F
    [*]Rakey+1 F
    [*]Fevs F
    [*]Minnie Mouse - H F
    [*]Minnie Mouse +1 F
    [*]Harpo - H F
    [*]Harpo +1 F
    [*]Andy P - H F
    [*]Heather P (Andy P +1) - F
    [*]Nicky J - H F
    [*]Derek J (NickyJ +1) F
    [*]Beastmaster - H F
    [*]Peanut (Beastmaster +1) F
    [*]Banana Pancakes F
    [*]winceyette - F H
    [*]chrisandjax - F
    [*]chrisandjax +1 F
    [*]Debs - H F
    [*]Tommy2 (Debs +1) - F
    [*]Mini E - H F
    [*]Hickster (Mini E +1) -F
    [*]Jaffa Racer F
    [*]Jaffa Racer +1 F
    [*]KillerByte - H F
    [*]Jayne Park Lane - H F
    [*]Mini Me GB (Jayne Park Lane +1) F
    [*]Michelle Jacobs (Jayne Park Lane +2) - H F
    [*][email protected] F
    [*]Prowse F
    [*]Bubblegoose F
    [*]Bubblegoose +1 F
    [*][email protected] F
    [*]Lyndsey Hayton ([email protected] +1) F
    [*]minicabrio - H F
    [*]stuvoi - H F
    [*]Helen (stuvoi +1) F
    [*]andyminiseven F H
    [*]KPKalle - H F
    [*]ChloeGroom (KPKalle +1) F
    [*]randap F
    [*]Kelly (randap +1) F
    [*]Randap +2 F
    [*]Randap +3 F
    [*]Mister - H F
    [*]Dakini - H F
    [*]Sassie Sue
    [*]Gemini4321- H F
    [*]Gemini4321 +1 F
    [*]ladee-wood F
    [*] Wollastons 1 F
    [*] Wollastons 2 F
    [*] Wollastons 3 F
    [*] Wollastons 4 F
    [*] Wollastons 5 F
    [*] Wollastons 6 F
    [*] Wollastons 7 F
    [*] Wollastons 8 F
    [*] Wollastons 9 F
    [*] Wollastons 10 F
    [*] Wollastons 11 F
    [*] Wollastons 12 F
    [*] Wollastons 13 F
    [*] Wollastons 14 F
    [*]jacked up F
    [*]jacked up +1 F
    [*]Sebby F
    [*]Sebby +1 F
    [*]mickeythemini F
    [*]mickeythemini +1 F
    [*]snowie F
    [*]snowie +1 F
    [*]Lewis F
    [*]MINI_Moocher F
    [*]MINI_MOOCHER +1 F
    [*]Aussie11 F
    [*]Aussie11 +1 F
    [*]luverley Lesley F
    [*]luverley Lesley +1 F
    [*]Andrew Jerreat F
    [*]Andrew Jerreat +1 F
    [*]Dav52 F
    [*]Shamster - Sham F
    [*]Shamster +1 - Sharon F
    [*]Shamster +2 - Herbie F
    [*]Paul M F
    [*]Poppet F
    [*]Janey F
    [*]Poppet +2 - Carla F
    [*]Poppet +3 - Mark F
    [*]Killerbyte +1 - Olivia F
    [*]Pecka68 (Jayne Park Lane +2) +1 F
    [*]Mad Brummie +1 F
    [*]MINIkt - Katy F


Now what have I done????
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:D:D We will make every effort to attend (but didn't see where to sign up on the special page......:confused:)

It will be great to meet some of the many names I have come to know via MINI2......


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its right at the bottom of the page & you may need to scroll down to see it - i didn't at first. you might want to change the page layout paul to make it more obvious

Cyber Police
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I will be there :D, Just have to et money first before doing the registration thing, Can i be for Sale again ??? :p

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just registered so I won't be such a shock next year. Already got 20 other Severn's members interested and I am hoping to have at least 3 tables of us mob there next year ;) I have already posted the details on the forum ;)

Do we have a Corporate/promotional code or a Group code for booking the hotel on line to get the special deal prices? Or is it best just to do it by phone?



The Muffin Man
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I will be there for this one :D As soona s i can scrape together £15 of my student dosh then I will pay my deposit :p ;)

003 On a Mission
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You just need to say you're from the MINI2 charity ball, booking (as far as I'm aware) can only be done with the hotel at the special rates over the phone.

Paul it would handy if there was a phone No for the hotel in the first thread.Have just tried to book and been passed around from pillar to post:eek: Still not managed to book as there seems to be little knowledge of this MASSIVE event:rolleyes:

22,101 Posts
I just tried to book the hotel too - said there was 50 rooms reserved and all booked for the Friday but no bookings or reservations for the Saturday :confused: :eek:
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