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I was told the same:rolleyes: So asked to speak to Laura as suggested by Soggy;) Job sorted:D

But yes they still need to sort out their booking proceedure and allocation.
Seems to me the 50 rooms etc have been block booked for us but the hotel has assumed they are all taken, which is obviously not the case.
Thanks for the tip, I shall give them a call back shortly :D

EDIT: They seem to be aware of the right dates now in their system, so we shouldn't have any more problems. Carlos/Earl and I are there Friday/Saturday :)

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Could you put us down please, Ive booked up 2 rooms for me + 1 and Leece & Marcel

Suppose i'd better let Leece and Marcel know they are going now :eek:

:p :D

P.s I got MINI3 confirmation too lol

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deffo be coming to this one - couldn't come this year cos it was my 30th but won't be missing this one!! Will try and book in for the friday and saturday nights.
41 - 60 of 996 Posts
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