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What is MINIcaching? (mini-cashing)

MINIcaching is an entertaining adventure for all Mini Cooper owners and enthusiast. It utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS). The participating in MINIcache is a great way to take advantage of the features of a GPS unit. The idea is to have individuals set up caches around our area and sharing the locations of the caches over the internet. GPS users can input the location into their unit and find the cache location. After one finds the location there may be a number of wide variety of rewards. All that is asked of the visitor is that if you take something from the location, please replace it with something.

This is a new event that Gold Country Mini is bringing to you!!! For more information about caches in your area or hiding a cache please go here . Come join in the fun and find some treasure today!!!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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