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This is on W/E of 28/29th July 2018. It is a FaceBook organised event:

It is organised around a fabulous bit of road the locals call "The Mountain Road" in mid Wales. It runs 25 miles through awesome countryside from the Elan Valley Visitor Centre, Rhayader LD65HP to Devils Bridge.
Link to Elan Valley so you can see what the area looks like:

Car clubs from all over the UK as well as further afield come to drive this road. It is magnificent.

I have relatives nearby and spent 5 days in the area in October last year, driving my R53 Cooper S. I drove The Mountain Road. Some pics attached.

I shall join this event, but go back to visit before then anyway, because:

1) All the roads are as smooth as snooker tables, they just don't seem to ever dig them up and patch them, the surfaces, especially in a MINI are just unmittigated joy
2) Compared to the populated areas most of us live in, there is no traffic. I live in the SE, Sussex, and I reckon there is about 10% of the traffic on the road that I'm accustomed to. Driving there is a pleasure, not a chore.
3) It is ridiculously cheap. I used a hotel, not a B&B, in Llandrindod Wells, twin room, en suite, parking, bar and full english breakfast £30 a night
4) It is a beautiful area with great scenery

There is camping, bands, jollies as well if that floats your boat.


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That sounds like my kind of driving. Never been to Wales, been meaning to go there as well as Yorkshire since I learned to drive. Hopefully I will be able to come!!

I also highly recommend south of Spain for that kind of driving. Take a few days off and make the most of it before we leave EU. (I mean we probably paid for it lol) They have perfect roads that are almost never used, apparently they get a set budget from EU to spend on roads and had done all the major roads so had to "use it up" on minor roads.
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