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Good morning everyone...

I'm organising an event this August at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit. It will take place on Sunday 25th August 2019 9am to 4pm.

It aims to offer an Italian Job in a Day! With a navigational drive out on lovely Sussex roads following a tulip style road book, sedate laps of the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit behind a Goodwood safety car, and special stages in the Goodwood paddocks.

It's also the official 60th birthday for Mini that weekend, so it'll be a celebration to remember :)

You can read more and book tickets via the website below, and there's also the facebook page to follow for updates.

This is a charity event, with all profits from the day going to Buttle UK - a fantastic children's charity.

Thanks all,



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Would love to come but a little too far from where I live (Easg Yorkshire). Would love to hear of something more local
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