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A fun, spirited run through the NJ Pinelands! What's in store for your trek into the Pinelands, you ask?

A stop at Historical Batsto Village
A picnic lunch (BYO) at Lake Oswego
A visit to Barnagate Lighthouse
...then, we'll gather for dinner at Plantation Restaurant in Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island.
...and for those of you who don't have to run home -
we'll end the day in Atlantic City for a few hours of fun!

MINI MEET-UP SPOT: L.L. Bean Store - The Promenade @Sagemore - Marlton, NJ

9:45 AM - DRIVER'S MEETING ... please arrive on time!

FEES: This is a FREE event (however donations are always welcome :D )

* Arrive with a full tank of gas
* Remember to bring your two-way radios. A radio is MANDATORY since we'll be on roads that go for miles without seeing civilization - and we don't want to leave anyone behind!
* Make sure to bring a bagged/picnic lunch as there is NOTHING anywhere near where we will picnic.

All are welcome - so sign up today! We may have to cap the number of cars - we're working on logistics and all - but if you sign up early - you're guaranteed a spot!!! :D Either pm me or email [email protected] with your rsvp - let me know how may cars you'll be bringing (we'll have two) and we'll worry about additional logistics as we get closer.

Let's Motor!!!
H :indi: :eb:

If your name isn't on the list below but you believe you've registered - or I've got your name wrong - email or pm me ASAP and I'll update you!

Currently registered (includes some screen names and some names - take what I can get!)
Bill H - PhillyMINI
Bill P - PhillyMINI
Craig & Jack - PhillyMINI
Tiffanna & Peter - PhillyMINI
Gleny - PhillyMINI
Herbie-53-guy - mini2
JetPack - PhillyMINI
Karen & Philip - PhillyMINI
maganoo - NEMINI
Monique - PhillyMINI
Nancy (Jefe) - PhillyMINI
nightrider824 - NEMINI
PeterG - PhillyMINI
RedMIni007 - PhillyMINI
Robyn - NEMINI
Eric - PhillyMINI
Susan J - PhillyMINI
WayneS - mini2
Harper - PhillyMINI
Michael S - NEMINI
LaughScott - PhillyMINI
Alan S - PhillyMINI
Colby - NEMINI
Angela - PhillyMINI
Sharon - PhillyMINI
Michael Wilson - NEMINI
Paulgraz - NEMINI
Baron & Denise - NEMINI

Event Motoring Gear available through Cafe Press - be sure to order early to avoid delays!

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Were there..

I suppose "Blitzen" and I could grace you with our presence... ;) ;)

We just ordered stripes for the youngin and can't wait to get them put on..
He goes in the body shop soon to get the window replaced and hood fixed from some #&$* in a rock truck on 95 that did not have a cover on. Bouncing boulders anyone???

Looking forward to this run!


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htrout13 said:
I don't know... Jack & Craig... will it work? I don't know. Ahhh who am I kidding - can't wait to have you!!! You rock!!!

Gotta love the rocks - did you get his tags?

Nope the plate I want is currently unused and unregistered but will not be avail until July 1st in PA.. Some sort of manditory wait time from previous registrant.. So last day of June I am sending up the paperwork via courier..

Just turned a whopping 18,000 in only 8 mos.. Somebody stop me!! I just love driving it so much so again.... CANT WAIT to do your run..

Hope to see you two before then though..


maker of trouble
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Hey - Vegas sounds good to me! Heck - got an extra slot?

Some day we'll get together - I have faith!

(did you sell your MINI - I know you switched to Jeep - but I loved your car! Just checking!)
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