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MINIs On Top 2004 - Saturday, June 19th

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**Date for MOT 2004 has been set: Saturday, June 19th, 2004**
MOT 2004, The Sunrise Sunset Rally
If you would like to be added to the MOT email list please email me directly requesting to be put on the list: [email protected] or download the registration form attached at the end of this post.

If this is your first visit to this thread here's the scoop:
MINIs On Top 2003 was an unparalleled success, hence MOT 2004.
This year's event will be in two stages. You are welcome to attend both or just one portion of the event.
Stage 1 will begin at sunrise somewhere on the Maine seacoast. We are hoping for Acadia National Park. Upon greeting the sunrise there will be a mad dash westward to Mount Washington. We'll then join Stage 2 participants (see below) for bbq dinner and festivities.
Stage 2 will duplicate MOT 2003. It will begin around 10:30-11:00 a.m. in the parking lot of Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH., then on to the Kanc for a drive and picnic lunch, then on your merry way for what you choose, then meeting at Mt. Washington for the bbq dinner and awards and announcements and ascent. There may be seminars of some type that are MINI relevant held at the Auto Road property in the afternoon.
The dinner will be about an hour earlier this year. I don't think we had quite enough time prior to the ascent. I have designated Mr. Secco as Master of Ceremonies. Being the great wind bag, I mean orator that he is, I'm hoping the extra hour is enough.
Your input is welcome. Please don't hesitate to post here or pm me with your suggestions.
Thanks to all those who have so readily volunteered to help out with MOT 2004. Your help is going to make this event great.
Consider subscribing to this thread so you don't miss out on developments and deadlines.
There are costs associated with this event. Group BBQ, auto road fees, t-shirts, commemorative stickers and pins, etc. Check this link for an idea of the costs involved:
Don't forget to visit for infrequent updates and hotel/motel information. We have blocked out rooms in Bar Harbor, Maine and Gorham, NH for the event. Links and instructions are at

And there IS the most splendiferous CD CONTEST the rules of which can be found HERE. Talk to jcsinnh if you're confused.

Added 5/3/04 Attendees list. This will be updated weekly. Names that have "Acadia" are also doing the Bar Harbor/Acadia, Maine leg. Please email me if I have made any mistakes with this list.
  • 1. Steve B. Cape Cod MINI, MA Acadia
  • 2. Bob and Susan Highfield, PA Acadia
  • 3. Beth and Louis, MD Acadia
  • 4. Scott and Mom Gail, PA Acadia
  • 5. Ian and Margaretl, MA
  • 6 Wendell, Faith, and Brad NH Acadia
  • 7. Theo and Carol MA
  • 8. Pete and Gail, NH Acadia
  • 9. Cancelled
  • 10. Ed and Mart CT
  • 11. Cathleen NY Acadia
  • 12. Paul Poitras (driving his new S ) MA
  • 13. David and ? ME Acadia
  • 14. Joanne and Eben MA Acadia
  • 15. Brad and Scarlett CT
  • 16. Tony and Wanda NJ Acadia
  • 17. Cleave and Darcy NH
  • 18. Dan McD. NH Acadia
  • 19. Ron, Linda and Willy the dog RI (Willy is one cool pooch.) Acadia
  • 20. Gavin McKeown MA
  • 21. Ricardo VT
  • 22. Madeleine and Andrew CT Acadia
  • 23. Cancelled:(
  • 24. Michael and Pamela MA Acadia
  • 25. Libby and William MA (Cape Cod :) )
  • 26. Diane ME Acadia
  • 27. William & Diane C. NH
  • 28. Rick and Laurie NH Acadia
  • 29. Jeff and Linda N. MA Acadia
  • 30. Neal and Sarah MA Acadia
  • 31. Joe and Debbie MA Acadia
  • 32. Barbara, Beth, Bridgett, Brittany and BZ the dog. MA
  • 33. Keith and Kelley. NY Acadia
  • 34. Bradford and Benjamin ME Acadia
  • 35. Peter, Mat, Danny, and Johnny NH
  • 36. Ivan and Norine MA
  • 37. Nancy and Rick. NH
  • 38. Kathleen and Querenn MA
  • 39. James and Nathan MA
  • 40. Harvey and Terry NH
  • 41. Sue and Steve. NH
  • 42. Eliot and Donna MA
  • 43. Jay and Dave RI
  • 44. Christopher W. NH Acadia
  • 45. Cancelled
  • 46. John and Carol OHIO
  • 47. Susan and Peter. NH Acadia
  • 48. Mary, Dan and Jeff NY Acadia
  • 49. Richard and Stephani RI
  • 50. Steve, Laurie and Jessica RI
  • 51. Aaron, Robin and Katie . ME Acadia
  • 52. David and Jacob NY
  • 53. John & Deborah C. MA
  • 54. Paul and Susannah Georgia! Acadia
  • 55. Harvey and Kathy MA (Cape Cod!!:) )
  • 56. Rae and Noah MA
  • 57. John and Maureen NH (John allowed to attend under duress) Acadia
  • 58. Josh and Sam MA
  • 59. Craig and Jack PA Acadia
  • 60. Vasili and Jesse. NJ (MINI Tech and good guy at Prestige MINI)
  • 61. Rocco and Anne. MA Acadia
  • 62. Liz VT
  • 63. Pamela and Jerry NH
  • 64. Mary and ? MA Acadia
  • 65. John and Cassie PA Acadia
  • 66 John and Linda MA
  • 67 Peter and Melissa MA
  • 68 Jim and Rhonda ME Acadia
  • 69 George and ? PA Acadia
  • 70 Michael and Amy RI
  • 71 Wallace and Teri MA
  • 72 John and Karen NH
  • 73 Hrach MA
  • 74 Christina and Paul MA (Cape Cod:) )
  • 75. Blaine and Monica C. ME Acadia
  • 76. Peter . NY
  • 77. Jim and Penny V. NH
  • 78. Bill and Linda J. NH
  • 79. Beverly and Manny MA
  • 80 Robert and Anderea CT
  • 81 Nick and Ellen MA (Cape Cod:) )
  • 82 Kim and Nick MA
  • 83 Shelley and Lexy MA
  • 84 Pierette and Dana MA (Cape Cod:) )
  • 85 Matthew and ? CT
  • 86 JC and ? NH Acadia
  • 87 Stephen, Leanne, Hayley and Austin NH
  • 88 Bob and David VT
  • 89 Judy and Dan MA
  • 90 Frank and Daniel NH
  • 91 Wayne and Penny MA
  • 92 Jane MA
  • 93 Sarah, Wendy and Yhiui, NJ
  • 94 Taka, NY
  • 95 Hsi-yun and Sagun, NY
  • 96 Mike and Rayan, MA
  • 97 Kevin, Sierra, and Art. NC
  • 98 Seth and Ari, Cape Cod MA:)
  • 99 Bob and Rich OH Acadia
  • 100 Richard and Lynn, MA Acadia
  • 101 Jim and Patricia, MA Acadia
  • 102 Scott and Bobby, NJ
  • 103 Katrina, MA Acadia
  • 104 Soheil, Boyd, and Chris MA
  • 105 Janet and David, MA
  • 106 Jeff and Alison, CT
  • 107 Ken and Hayley, NH
  • 108 Kathy and Robin, PA Acadia
  • 109 Harper, PA Acadia
  • 110 Jayson and Karen, MA
  • 111 Robert, Mary and Olive, NH
  • 112 Steve and ?, NH
  • 113 Nancy and Bart, NH
  • 114 Jason (snid), Nancy, Andy, and Lily, VT
  • 115 Dan and Donna, MA
  • 116 Tony and Jason, MA
  • 117 Judy and Jessica, MA
  • 118 Evan and Pierce and Sumner and Aidan (4 brothers in one MINI:) )
  • 119 Todd and Linda, MA
  • 120 Peter and Thayer, CT
  • 121 Jared and Susan, MA and OKLAHOMA!!:)
  • 122 Bear and Colleen, MA
  • 123 William and Beverly, MA
  • 124 Peter and Audra, MA Acadia
  • 125 Britt and Dave, NH
  • 126 Brooks and Patrick, MA
  • 127 Heather and Matt, NJ
  • 128 Sandra, MA
  • 129 Gerry, NJ (MINI USA)
  • 130 Giselle and Steven, NJ (MINI USA)
  • 131 Andrea, Sara and Katie, ME
  • 132 Dan and Romy, CT
  • 133 Dave, Jamie, Brenda, David, ME Acadia
  • 134 Clare, Amanda, and Katie, NH
  • 135 John GMINI, Jeannine;) , and Dov CT Acadia
  • 136 Peter and Pierce NH
  • 137 Scott and Melanie, NY
  • 138 John and Valerie, MA
  • 139 Gibbs and Hope, NH
  • 140 Sandy and Jim, NH
  • 141 Amy and Brad, (CAPE COD, MA:))
  • 142 Mark and Judith, ME
  • 143 Jerry aned Rachel, MA
  • 144 Alan and Jennifer, PA
  • 145 Matthew and Daniele, NH
  • 146 Blake and Cathy, Georgia! Acadia
  • 147 Alison and Brian, MA
  • 148 Gary and Cheryl, MA
  • 149 Paul and Roger, RI
  • 150 Doug and guest, NH
  • 151 Chris and Carol, MA
  • 152 Bill and Lee, ME
  • 153 Teri and Wini, VA (Acadia)
  • 154 Charlie and Diane, MA
  • 155 DaNeil and Kevin, MA
  • 156 Angela, Tom, and Ashley PA
  • 157 Diane, Brian, and Acadia MA
  • 158 John, Shron, Sarah and friend NH
  • 159 Mark MA
  • 160 Dan, Helen, Penny, Robby MA
  • 161 Nat, Megan, Jared, Steve NJ
  • 162 Keith V. Procrastinatorchuk, MA
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I thank you once more for your incredible organization.

I hope that we can get a 2004 event to come together. Our 2003 event was perfect ... not too much driving so lots of time to gather.

Is there a maximum number of vehicles for the auto road, or for parade driving?
iancull said:
I thank you once more for your incredible organization.

I hope that we can get a 2004 event to come together. Our 2003 event was perfect ... not too much driving so lots of time to gather.

Is there a maximum number of vehicles for the auto road, or for parade driving?
Thanks Ian. Lots of organizing, perseverating and weird dreams of utter failure but it was all more than worth it.

I'll find out about the Auto Road max. There must be a limit. I think the Auto Road staff should have been on hand to direct half the cars to the right side parking lot. Still, I'm sure it would handle double the cars.
Parade driving on public roads? Not sure, but I'm think we could test the limits of some local ordinance across two states.
The Mt Desert - Mt Washington appeals to me. Acadia is wonderful, and the Mt Washington support crew deserves to be supported (our $$$ pays their salaries, especially in these times.

I have heard that the Acadian National Society of Police do not take too kindly to rallies, a little PR in advance would be needed. I can't imagine that an early AM meet would put a strain on them though.

Anna is planning her outfit at this moment. Mount Cadillac....hmm.....something with tailfins.........
What the hey??!! I'm a "junior" again? These cars must be the elixer of youth!
Real reason for a meet.....

New friends........


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What can I say.
I drove home 7 hours it rained 6 of them.
Would do it all over again it was worth it.
The people who did all the work need to be applauded.
You guys gave till it hurt. (figuritively)
Can't thank everyone enough.
When I first read the thread I new this was going to be a
WINNER, it was..

I really like the sunrise / sunset idea. It would be kind of a pain for me to get from Vermont to Maine for sunrise, but I think I could handle it. :)

In a slightly related note, I have this crazy idea to get the "counterpoint" photograph to the sunset photos. I was all happy that I could identify Mount Mansfield in Vermont (where Stowe is) from the top of Mt Washington. I know the reverse is true, as I have often seen Mount Washington glowing with snow from Stowe. So, I'm thinking I should to a pre-dawn hike up Mansfield to get a sunrise over Mount Washington photo to go with the sunset over Mount Mansfield from Mount Washington. Did that make any sense to anyone?

If anyone is crazy enough to want to join me, I'll be happy to try and plan around other's schedules. But I'm assuming it will be just me and I can do it whenever the spirit strikes and the weather looks good.
Steve. Great idea that #2. Let's get crackin'! We're losin time!


Really. Take a breather and a long nap. You've just hosted the mother of all meets!
Why wait till next year, how about next week? :D

Just kidding. Incredible ride. I'm with GMINI, that was "the mother of all meets" !!!!!

I'm Definitely in to do this again next year.
Mt Washington Obsevatory blurb

The following is on the Mt Washington webcam site:

Observer's Comments:

03:19 AM Mon Jun 23, 2003 EDT

It's been a fairly quiet night on the summit. The wind has been steady out of the northeast, but because of the eddies created by the building, it knocks you around from all different directions. After a few showers, the skies have cleared out nicely. Some lightning is visible in the distance along the Atlantic coast.

As we head into the work week, we'll be on the back side of high pressure slowly making its way east. This will put us in a southwest flow and provide us with muggy weather, with temperatures nearing 90 by Wednesday.

No interesting pictures from today, so here are the Mini Coopers that came up for the sunset Saturday night.

Greg West - Meteorologist


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Sunrise and Sunset. (Actually, I had so much fun, if you guys just wanted to make a Dairy Queen run I would vote for that.)

And I think Kim, Rich and Frank will agree, we need a larger NJ contingent for the ride up. Merely keeping track of 3 other cars became a piece of cake, after about 6 hours...

So glad to see all of you., The day truely was excellent.
I love the idea of the sunrise in ME to the sunset in NH. I guess it's about 200 miles at the minimum. I am certain we could plan a 6 to 8 hour route to be a real tour of some beautiful New England coastal and inland roads. Also, the long day will give plenty of flexibility for those who might want to meander a bit more than some who would occassionally like to push ever so slightly harder (while attempting to adhere to the local speed limits). We could plan some stops here and there for lunch and touristy schtuff.

This would be very adventurous in that we will need accomodations in two different states. I think I would make a few days of it. Drive up to Bar Harbor at least two days early and stay in Gorham a day or two longer.

As this run would start in the east for sunrise and head west for the sunset we could call it the "Follow the Sun Run" or something in that vein.

Let me know how we can help.
Good Idea, ice! How bout

MINIs on Top, MINIs Below (MOTmb)

MINIs All Over (MAO)

MINIs Sun Pursuit (MSP)

Oh let's keep goin.
I'm definitely up for a Cadillac to Washington tour. One question though -- how large is the porcupine population in between?:rolleyes:
I'll take "two" sunny side up and down
I think a Sunrise and Sunset tour would be a HOOT :D
Re: ??MINIs On Top 2004??

Cape Cod MINI said:

2. MOT 6/2004 The Sunrise Sunset Tour. MINIs greet the sunrise at Acadia on the coast in Maine and then rally west across Maine to New Hampshire where they watch the sunset from Mount Washington.
Lets do that....

Then we can blow across RT.2 to New Hamshire.

We could call it MOTzas -- MINIs on Top, Zoom After Sunrise:p
rfinprc said:
We could call it MOTzas -- MINIs on Top, Zoom After Sunrise:p
The MOTza Ball Rally:p
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