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With some trepidation, GBMINI has taken the reins from Cape Cod MINI and will be trying to rally the "yellow shirt" volunteers to put together another event next summer offering as much fun as previous years ...
(GBMINI weblog entries from MOT2003, MOT2004 and MOT2005 - also the night before and the morning after)
We must hope for better weather next year - but almost everyone at MOT2005 agreed that the rain did not much dampen the day.

The annual event has grown from 70 MINIs in 2003 to almost 220 in 2005 (there is a 200 car limit at the top of Mount Washington - early registration is advised if you wish to drive up!)

Following in CCMs footsteps, MINIsOnTop 2006 will offer:
Other activities will include caravan drives from various locations including the Yankee Candle group

See the new Tshirt design for MOT2006 (here), or the classic design is still available (here)

Many more announcements will follow in the months to come - be sure to sign up for MINIsOnTop email announcements if you have not already done so.

Registration clarifications:
#1 there is no such thing as pre-registration.
#2 you can get your email on a message list ( that gives you notice of MOT announcements. You can also get automatic updates from MINI2 whenever a message is posted on this thread.
#3 Some time in the next month, when we have all the pricing/etc info ready, we will announce and release the MOT2006 registration form - you must download, print, fill-in and mail this form, along with payment.
#4 You will receive email confirmation when the registration form / payment is received - only then are you registered.
#5 There is a 200 car limit at the top of Mount Washington - more cars can come to all the other events, but only the first 200 registrants that pay for the trip up the auto road will be able to do so.
#6 Registration will only be open for a few weeks - this gives the organizers time to get Tshirts, etc ordered, made, packed and shipped out before the event.
#7 If you miss registration, you won't be able to attend. If you are late registering, you might not get to the top of Mount Washington - although the rest of activities are still great fun.

February 16th
Registration is now open; to register you should download the PDF file, print it, fill it in completely, and mail it along with the payment check to MINIsOnTop, PO Box 617, Essex MA 01929.
Please note that the registration must be mailed by May 1, 2006 and that FedEx / UPS deliveries cannot be made to a PO Box address. Late registrations will not be accepted!

You can download the registration form here:

The MOT2006 program of events will be similar to previous years:
- Recommended lodging in Gorham NH for Friday & Saturday nights (Town & Country Inn or Royalty Inn)
- Friday evening "MOTOR" events at the Town & Country Inn, including BYOB and Trivia Contest
- Saturday morning gathering at Loon Mountain parking lot
- Meet & Greet with 200+ other MINIs
- Choice of scenic drive along the Kancamagus Highway (traditional), or through Franconia Notch
- Lunch stop (bring your own food)
- Afternoon re-gather at the base of the Mount Washington Auto Road
- Chicken or Veg Lasagna lunch with salad/bread/drinks available (pre-payment required)
- Speeches, raffles, prize-giving, etc
- Available early departure for Mount Washington Observatory Tour (limited availability)
- Drive up Mount Washington Auto Road (pre-payment required)
- Hoped for sunset from top of Mount Washington!
- Drive back down.

The officially planned events end on Saturday evening, but there are bound to be various gatherings at the Town & Country Inn and elsewhere; be sure to join in the chat on this MINI2 thread to find out what is being planned, including a possible Sunday morning breakfast gathering before everyone heads home.

Support events for MINIsOnTop include:

The Yankee Candle / Area 51 "caravan drive" on Friday; drive to Gorham with many other MINI owners - see:

The Bar Harbor / Acadia Mountain mid-week gathering in Maine; see the sunrise then rush to join everyone else - see:

The Mount Washington Observatory tour; limited numbers - if interested contact Pete for more details:
[email protected]

Merchandise for MINIsOnTop 2006 includes:
- two choices of Tshirt (the "classic" is the rallye logo design only; the "new for 2006" design includes MINIs!)
- vinyl cling decal
- cap
- grill badge
You can see design images of these products here:

The official charity for MINIsOnTop 2006 is Make-A-Wish; donations are encouraged - if you want to donate something or think you can encourage a MINI dealership or vendor to donate, please contact mike ([email protected]) or see:

MINIsOnTop is a "not for profit" volunteer organisation with the goal of providing a great days entertainment for MINI owners. Please see the MINIsOnTop website for more information, and gallery pictures from the 2003, 2004 and 2005 years:

REMEMBER: Be considerate at all times - we wish to be welcomed back to New Hampshire for many more years!
MINIsOnTop is a family oriented MINI gathering. Rules of conduct include safe driving practices, following local road rules and speed limits.

Thank you.
Ian Cull / GBMINI
[email protected]

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Woo Hoo!!!
8AM - 11PM and I come home to this. This means Xmas is almost over and I can get excited about something reeaallly big - MOT 2006!!!
Ian - Count me in-

Everybody else - come to the Mall and buy lots of stuff - Nigel needs new toys

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Do we need to re-pre-regester if we were already subscribed to the list last year?

I also would like to note my idea for last year make it a multi-day event with activites all weekend, so those who can't make or do not want to ascend the mountain have other things to do, or better yet, have MOT ascents both saturday and sunday. More events like an autocross etc would also be nice.

Most importantly, I want to congratulate you on scaring everyone from starting this thread much earlier as had previously occured, lest they be bestowed with full MOT responsibilities.

And I again would hope to volunteer some useful services this year.

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Good Luck, Ian! We know your coordination and leadership of MOT '06 will be stellar.
Yes, yes,...the bar has been set in the stratosphere by the previous Head Beagle but we all know you can handle it.;)
I look forward to watching from the sidelines and actually getting to eat the MOT meal this year

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Let's have a round of applause for Steve, for his previous hard work, and to Ian for taking on the challenge willingly! Also for Ed, who will be nearly impossible to replace as the donations coordinator. Not to mention the CD coordinator position...

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Wow the first Page.
I can't wait.
The weather is not a factor when it comes to MOT.
Sign-up and signup early.
Ian, if you need anything down at this end of the world.
Do not hesitate to contact me.

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Good Luck, Ian !!! You will be a fine and fearless leader !! Will assist in any way we can.

Excellent timing also... a great Christmas surprise being able to have thoughts all those shiny MOT MINI's doing the jig with the already dancing sugarplums in our heads...

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Ian- Great to have you volunteer to take over. I'd like to help out where I can this year. I missed last year because I didn't have a MINI but I'll be back this year. I'll send you an email later.

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yellowmininy said:
Let's have a round of applause for Steve...{snip}
I think I speak for all of us who are in support of Steve getting a round of the clap.

Theo :yellow:

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We're in - already have reservations at the T&C. Let us know if we can offer any help from a distance.
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