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Hi all, I'm not one to post often but quietly lurk in the background reading all the threads, some great information I've found on this (and other) forums, thanks everyone.

I believe in giving credit where credits due and I wanted to share my experience with Kevin at Minitech, Southend, superb!

I have an 07 R56 S that needed new pads and discs all round, I found Minitech near my place of work and saw some great reviews so booked it in, mentioned that my timing chain needed doing at some point so he took a quick look to see how bad it was. Surprisingly noticed that Mini had put a new chain tensioner in a couple of months ago without telling me after I paid for them to diagnose it (trying to pursue a good will contribution, failed), nice of them but thought they would've mentioned it.

Anyway, booked it in again last week for Kev to do the timing chain kit and I couldn't be happier, he did a superb job, great service! I booked it in for the timing chain but he also fitted a new alternator belt, did a walnut shell de-coke, removed the broken plastic guide bits that had dropped down into the sump, fixed water ingress into my fog light and fixed my S grille badge properly into position. He went above and beyond and did a brilliant job, it runs beautifully now and I'd recommend him to anyone. He has an R56 S himself too so knows the engines inside out.

Thanks Kev, definitely my go to guy from now on!

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