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Mirror Caps Stolen

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I’m sorry if this is the wrong thread - I am new to the forum. I have a Mini Cooper 2018, and it’s just had the drivers side wing mirror cap stolen for the second time in 4 months! It’s only ever the driver’s side, I assume because I have a puddle light and those caps are hard to get hold of. Does anyone have any advice on how to prevent this?? Anything extra I can do to make it more secure? The only idea I’ve had it to get the number plate etched into them. I’ve paid to replace it once but if it’s just going to be taken again need to think of a way to stop it happening!
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Security cameras might deter thieves or help you catch them if it happens again. You could also try parking in a well-lit area or a more secure location, like a garage or driveway.Etching your number plate onto the mirror cap is a good idea, too, as it makes it less valuable to thieves who might try to sell it. You could also try getting a security alarm system installed in your car, as this might scare off any potential thieves.Overall, it's important to take preventative measures to keep your car and belongings safe. Speaking of that, I'm looking for services that could help improve the security of my house. My friend from Ukraine shared this with me site https://ohholding.cо But they operate only in Ukraine. Do you know any companies like this in the US?
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