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Hi all

Have checked the forums and no one seems to have posted the issue of repairing a tyre after using the Mobility system so I'll kick it off.

Had the pleasure of getting a puncture today:frown: must have made it to the magical 93,000 mile average. I have a MINI One with 15" alloys and the mobility system. I was 20 miles from home in an unfamiliar area so out came the mobility system and having followed the instructions all was well. I could see the nail and the tyre hadn't fully deflated. The tyre held pressure and off I went. Within 1 mile I came across a tyre dealer, pulled in and showed him the nail. no probs he said as it was not through the side wall UNTIL he took the tyre off the rim and out came the tyre sealant! That is the end of any puncture repair folks. As soon as you put sealant in the tyre it becomes unrepairable as the repair will not adhere correctly. Now this really racked me off cos the tyre had only done 3000 miles but there I was, car in air, nail pulled out of tyre no option left but to buy a new one. The total irony is that at the same time another guy pulled in with a nail in his tyre and he was going to use Holts sealant but in the instructions it warns you that once used the tyre will not be repairable, so he didn't use it, drove carefully and despite two stops to pump up he made it and his tyre repair was £15 whilst mine was £60:(

I know the handbook cannot make a judgement on what is OK or not OK but it does not tell you that if sealant is used the tyre is scrap. What is so frustrating is that in the "good old days" you would try and pump the tyre up or fit the spare, remember them. I don't know if the spacesaver is still an option but from todays events this is a no brainer. You can continue your journey and get the tyre repaired at your earliest convenience. Use mobility and you WILL need a new tyre and then the final insult is you have to buy another sealant bottle for next time!

I fully appreciate that if the puncture had been at night etc I would have had no option but I just want to warn people of the downside to this system. Would really like to hear from any tyre guys out there to hear the bottom line. RANT OVER:biggrin:
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