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The question of what constitutes a "modification" has been covered in detail in other threads. However, owners thinking of adding aftermarket body modifications may be interested in details of an insurer that accepts non-standard wheels and bodykits at "normal terms."

alloy wheels, trims, sun roofs, additional lights, skirts and bodykits, security equipment, tow bars, modifications due to disability, LPG conversions.

are those modifications that increase performance, modified engines, exhausts.
The insurer is Broker Direct plc which is a small subsidiary of Allianz (same group as Cornhill). The company only offers quotations through brokers and has a limited number of agencies so you may have to call several firms to find one who deals with it.

Of course, you may find that for your particular combination of car and drivers, this company's "normal terms" are still inferior to a specialist's non-standard terms.

One negative aspect to bear in mind is that, as at the time of posting this message, the BD policy does not include any new car replacement benefit.
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