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Modified Clutch on Mini One and Cooper only

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I have started this thread as I would like to hear peoples experience of the modified clutch only. Has it fixed the problem on your mini? Remember this thread is only relaited to the new 5 speed Getrag unit.

Many thanks

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Clunky, crappy gearbox on facelift Mini


I've just had the 'modified clutch' fix fitted to my facelift 54 Mini One

Surprise Surprise .. it hasn't fixed a thing.

Box still clunks and clanks when changing gear at low speed, and when car is slowing and accelerating and the engine load is momentarily changed. This never seemed like a clutch problem to me, more a gearbox issue.

I'm writing to BMW again!! Boy I'm fed up.

For clarification. I've noticed a few threads here that state that this is normal and a notchy gear change is OK etc.

THIS IS NOT THE PROBLEM. This problem is like driving a car that has several hundred thousand miles on it and all the gearbox/drivechain components are completely knackered. The only time I have experienced something similar was on a car in the seventies with very high mileage and the propshaft universal joints were completely shagged.

:mad: :mad: :mad:
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Anyone else

Hi so far not much response, I would still like to hear from others.


Just had a new clutch at 9k, main problem was grating when going into rev and and what sounded like boulders or bricks falling around inside the box on all gear changes.

Happy to say its now 99% better, had to be test driven by BMW i think the clutch was not dissengaging the box enough, so when selecting rev i was stopping it with a crunch, it was also worse at diffrent times but i could not say what made it play up more at times.

BMW had no problem telling me they were not happy with it and kept the car
that day to sort it asap. on this test day it hardly faulted at all and made a fool of me but they said they had spotted something not quite right.

Been 4 weeks now and not a single incident of rev noise or boulders in the gearbox on gear changes.

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