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So i'm planning on getting my 110hp/240nm Cooper D tuned to ~155hp/310nm with the aid of having the DPF filter removed and a rolling road tune from a reputable and recommended via MINI2 tuner here in the UK that has done this many times over on my particular engine/car. once ive done this where am i able to gain some extra handling ability?
So i know the usual thing is to go for decent rubber and a sway bar but hear me out here, i have decent rubber already (conti sport ss3) but i have a Diesel cooper and the engine and acilliaries is around 100kg heavier than in an S so generally my car is either well balanced or tail happy already at high speed cornering, and generally i only get understeer on heavy acceleration exiting a corner in wet conditions. so my question would be... where to go from here....?

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