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more light wheels....

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competiton rims 16x6.5 +42 offset ssrtype c's 4x100 about 10 lbs. not sure if the offset is legal or not.

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SCCA Legal?

My calculations say it is SCCA legal if 48mm is stock.
48-(.25 x 2.54)=41.6mm

Is that correct?

But that eats up some of the space between the tire and shock.

Does a 1/4" make much difference in the way the car handles?

Do these particular rims have the proper center hole?
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:) :) :) Where did you find the 6.5s???? I could only find 7". I read on a Miata site they use spacer rings to reduce the center bore on big bore wheels. Wouldn't think 1/8" longer lever on the spring or same positive increase on scrub angle should make a difference. Garfield probably would know.
i have a friend who is a marine...he was stationed in okinawa for a while and made some contacts there. so basically i told him the sizes that the mini needs and he sends me what he finds. the u.s. wheel market isn't the only market as people often forget. seeing as the biggest mini market is japan...and some of the the most top notch tuners are in makes sense to look there. ;)
That's definitely threading the needle. MINI USA says the wheels are 50mm, they're stamped 48. But, you can only be a hair past 6mm and still be legal.

I am considering setting up a group buy on Kodiaks, which could weigh as little at 8lbs, 11lbs max.

If it's legal, by all means, run that wheel. How much for that size? But, I still have never heard of that size from SSR.

By running the 42, you're getting MORE room between the tire and shock, not less. But, I'll be checking in an hour or so on the clearance of my 215 Hoosiers with the 45mm offset. If they're barely legal, you won't fit them on a 42. Which means: Legal wheel, illegal tire, back to the skinnys.

:) :) :) I guess we really shoud be paying you for research, Garfield. Would be very interested in the measured cross section of the Hoosiers on your 6.5s as they look huge in photos, like bigger than 225 Toyos.

Garfield, Thanks for the correction. I looked at the dwg wrong.
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Well, the 215's legally fit on the 45mm offset. No chance in hell on a 225 since I would need the wheel to come out further AND the tire would get wider.
We know the 215 fits on the stock offset (48 or 50mm), but you'd be lucky to slip a piece of paper in between the tire and shock. With my 45mm wheel, there's just a tad more space.

Maybe if I get time, I'll take a quick picture of the 215 with a straight edge against it.

Point is, 215's the limit, and don't bother on anything less than a possible SSR in 42mm. A 40mm would be hitting the fender flares for sure (still assuming no suspension modification).
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