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Have read about the Hydro-lock issues with the new MINI and my son unexpectedly joined the ranks of the "MINI U-Boat Commanders." In New Jersey, USA, we've been caught in a weather pattern that has resulted in more rain then usual. The rate of presip. has been quite heavy. My son borrowed the car and while traveling was cross-sprayed by on-coming autos and the water splashed right into the intake and hydro-locked the motor. As is the case with so many other of these situations, MINI does not accept any responsibility for the issue. I met up with the insurance adjuster at the dealer and the end result was a complete motor replacement (at the cost of almost $7000.00 US). The kicker was, that there were three others waiting for motor replacements and one just getting buttoned up from her's.
The good news is that the mechanic doing the swaps has done so many (20 in the last 24 months, many of them since the rains began) that he can do them in his sleep. He's a great mechanic to begin with and I'm so glad that he's the one doing the work on my MINI. I am concerned, however, that there is no modification that would prevent this from happening again.
I've contacted Cooper Motor Works to see if they have a fix for this issue and they recommend their cone filter replacement for the stock in-take and air box setup. Have any of you done such a (simple) fix and what if any differences has it made with your auto?
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