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More Problems

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I've had my car approx 5 weeks and its been at the dealers more time than any other car I've owned.

Here's a list of problems I've had since the car was delivered 5 weeks ago.

Boot latch (replaced)
Door cards rattle
Off side charger unit for headlight (replaced)
Rear view mirror loose (replaced)
Rain senser (replaced)
Floor vibration when pulling away
Clunking/Clicking through steering wheel (lubricated Bearings)

Today the headlight that had the charger unit replaced has gone out again. The clunking through steering wheel returned at 06:00 this morning...........and the tyre pressure warning light has been on all day. What else can go wrong with this car?!

I called the dealer and they told me the steering column has to be replaced and these are on back order for approx 4 weeks and the entire headlight unit will also have to be replaced.

I just hope this is teh end and not the start. Am I just unlucky, or have a few owners had all of these problems?
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