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18 months ago the warning light came on, i went to my local specialist and he read the fault code and said the catalytic convertor was faulty,
he replaced it and it was good for 1 year then the light came back on,i returned to the garage they reset the light but 2 weeks later the light came back on.
He ran diagnostics on the cat and the lambdasondes all the readings were normal so he reset the light again after a week it came back on.
i used cat cleaner in the petrol and the light went out but came back on after 2 weeks .
we ran diagnostics which read no faults but warning light on!
after a coupe of weeks it went out for no apparent reason happy days ,
as you might have guessed it came back on.
has anyone experienced these issues before ,
i dont want to start replacing parts that appear to be good according to the diagnostics but i need to do something for my piece of mind,
hope someone can help
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