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MP3 Headunit for < £200, speakers for < £100 ?

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Can anyone recommend a decent MP3 head unit for a budget of £200.

Also, with a unit like that in a standard cooper, would it be worth spending £100 on some replacement speakers ? bearing in mind I dont want to remove the back seats / do any drastic installation
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By just changing the headunit itself you'll notice a vast improvement in sound. You could do that first then if you're not happy add new speakers later.

I've bought a JVC MP3 head unit from Halfords, it was half price (£149.99) in their Jnauary sale type affair. Sounded and looked good in the display.

Here's a link to it on their website : -


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Let me get this right....

This stereo:

I'd also need one of these....

But If I'm correct, I need to know what connectors I'll need for wiring and antenna
So I would need wiring adaptor and antenna adaptor from either of the top 2 sections on this page:
Is that right ?
Is there any way of finding out what I need in advance of receiving my mini ?
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To decide which lead you need you need to know if your mini is coming with wave or boost
Give me a shout I can do a deal for the kit & radio as a package
Its a bog standard WAVE, which connector would that be then ?
It's got a tape player on it, LOL I haven't had any tapes for over 10 years.
Looks like some very nice prices on your site.
Are there any web reviews for the Clarion ? Does anyone else here have one ?
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