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I finally got the French Green piece of merde running (a.k.a Stanley) by swapping the CAS/DME after a CAS fail.
Got some warning lights which when checked in INPA showed that the car was looking for components related to MSA (Start Stop).
I don't have this feature on this car so I removed the feature code (S1CC) from the Vehicle Order in the CAS.

Some lights went out but some remain. It is these things that I am asking about.

First module : SPEG. Looking for a DC-DC converter. Error code A733.
Second module: DME. Enable Line, MSA: Activation
DSC_56: SDE3 - Either a rear brake sensor or a coding fault.

So the first question is how do I tell the SPEG to stop looking for a DC-DC converter?
Then how do I stop the DME looking for the MSA Activation line?

Then I'm hoping the SDE3 error goes away by itself as I haven't a clue what's up with that one.

So, anyone know what else I need to do to sort this to fully remove the MSA settings from these 2 modules? Is the Vehicle Order stored in more than one place, for instance? Or are there settings on the individual modules that need to be set "nicht_aktiv"?
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