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MSRP - It takes two?

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Word is out that MINIUSA is strongly encouraging MINI dealers to sell cars at no more than MSRP.

Based on below, it appears MINIUSA is asking MINI buyers to be reasonable, too.

From the site, under the heading "Our Values" is this: (I had to cut out the 1st paragraph to meet size limitations for an attachment - it was "motoring"-style fluff)

Is that how you read it?


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Despite that, there is nothing to prevent one customer from "outbidding" another by slipping a few dollars or tickets to a sold out concert to the salesman when nobody is looking. If you want the basic car and the guy behind you is willing to pop for dealer applied hood stripes or some other accessory, who do you think will get the car? Besides, it is best to wait a bit anyway. If the new front suspension components correct the left pull, then it makes sense to put off the purchase until they are in full production. I would be willing to bet most of the LHD cars will still have the "old" components until the stock is gone because the left pull wouldn't be as noticeable on LHD cars. If you were BMW, would you scrap thousands of dollars worth of parts if there is a good chance they could be used? The cars that will be on sale were built using the older parts. It will probably be a couple months before the new components show up on the cars sold in the US.
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I've finalized my order. My agreement is for the MSRP price, none of the options was more expensive than what was leaked on MINI2. The Sport Pack was less. The PDI and shipping was a normal price, very close to the estimates given by people on MINI2.

No inflation due to demand, no slipped tickets, no special favours, just a normal vehicle transaction, where I've gone and bought something I've never driven, never seen driving (except on TV or here), and sat in a few times at various autoshows. I'd say, whatever risk there is, Ive already taken.

Course, it's a good bet anyway. I've never read such positive reviews of any other car. Any article that ends with the author saying he's put a deposit down on one for himself, is the definitive good review.
I hope you don't mind me asking but how much did your mini come to? Options etc. You can private message me if you don't want people to know. I know I am going to be telling my parents i paid 27000. hahha
I doubt MINI would continue building cars with the left pull if they already know about the problem and taking action to correct it. I would be HUGELY disappointed if they did, but I'll bet the fix was implemented before the U.S. spec cars were built.
Ok, It's very unlikely it will pull to the left. If they drive on the left side, and it slants down, it pulls. But we drive on the right, so it equals it out i think. Any opinions?
I would be very cautious about buying a pre-speced car that was built before the "fix".

The PDI and shipping was a normal price
Do you mean 1300$???
I hope that was just for the launch editions...otherwise it's ridiculous compared to EVERY other car manufacturer!
Maybe for GM's and domestics. Mabye for large volume cars like the Civic. You're right, lots of cars have a lower PDI and Shipping. But not any cars I want.

Go check out VW.

Freight was 400. It came from Britian. You ship a car for less than 400. Honda Civic's come from Allison Ontario. It makes a difference.

PDE was 895. This is high by a couple hundred dollars. It's not going to stop me from getting the car.
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