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Do you have any problems with your MTH?

  • No problems - only pleasures

    Votes: 40 95.2%
  • My car suddenly died when motoring

    Votes: 2 4.8%
  • Other problems when driving, due to MTH

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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· Cornish Boy
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This has to be put into perspective as not all owners of MTH cars have had the problem, others have hit the redline with no problems. I remember reading on the original MTH thread as people were adding it to their cars they were reporting no problems with the redline - I was soooo Jealous as my car also 'died' after hitting the redline.

I TOTALLY agree with Rakey and his comments about support. Picture the scene:

Your car has just died on the way to work.
You have managed to get into the carpark of a firestation.
You know that you MTH'd your car and this has caused the problem.
You are 50 miles from home.
You don't know if Mini breakdown would cover your car if you call.
You don't know if the car will restart and you are afraid to try.
You have not heard of any other problems with MTH.

I then managed to get the car home and sent an eMail to Franz and Alex. I got a reply from Alex within an hour and Franz replied the next day with a new file. That was the longest day ever as I had a car that I was worried to drive and I felt that I had no support. But to be fair I got a new file and the car has been fine, the only reason I removed it was down to my conscience.
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