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Do you have any problems with your MTH?

  • No problems - only pleasures

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  • My car suddenly died when motoring

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  • Other problems when driving, due to MTH

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Hartge said:

Did you try sending the files to franz for the second time?

Since there isnt much difference, I request franz to resend me a better upgrade but there is no reply till now,its been 2 weeks. Btw, which e-mail addressshould I send it to?

thanks guys...
No, I'm going to take the advice of the guys on this (and the other MTH) thread and give it a couple of weeks / few hundred miles before I start bothering Franz. I know the conversion has 'worked' because the power delivery is perceptibly smoother, and, er, I've dived into the redline further than I ever was able to before so the rev limit must have been increased :D :D :D (no sign of the cut-out problem reported at the start of this thread, btw, just a nice smooth reduction in power).

I'm hoping the ECU is busy learning about the new map and the mod will mature with a few more miles on the clock. If not, I'll repost my files to Franz.

· SuperSoniC
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oh ok... that's something I wouldnt wanna try...
Hmmm.. I guess i can feel a lil different, I can pull the rev easier. The max i did was only 6800rpm, not dare enough to go more... sounded like the engine gonna..BOooOom!

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:cool: i now have just over 1000 miles since my mth conversion...1st with cai 93oct 7000redline remove top speed limiter...then i added an 15% pully and now over 500 miles later no problem,,,mini just runs and runs very fast and problems with mth no problems with download 1st time and 2nd just gets better as miles go on....i'm a very happy have hit 7000rpm a couple of times with no problems....... :D :D
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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