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My 06 MINI Cooper is making a grinding / scrapping noise after 30mps

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I have mini cooper and have recently started hearing a noise from the engine when driving, its like a growling, scraping noise and it happens intermittently particularly post 30mph; it also make my brakes feel stiff like I’m grinding metal when the noise is present otherwise no issues. I have seen people with similar noises on YouTube but not sure if they have found the fault. I’ve had the car serviced plus had a mechanic have a look at the issue and no faults present, about from the ABS light with requires a new senor to clear. Please see the YouTube of the video, the car is an 06 plate.

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What you describe sounds like something physically contacting a moving part. Looking for fault codes is an odd thing to do, did you not ask the mechanic to look for signs of contact on moving parts?

Does your noise change in time with the engine speed (increase/decrease in RPM) or with the road speed? Can you get it to do it with the car stationary? Can you make it happen then push the clutch, does the noise then stop?
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It happens ok after reaching 31mphs, I have put the car in neutral as well (coasting) and it still happens. The mechanic thinks it’s something loose under the car which is causing it... I’m not convinced. The noise does get a little louder with higher speeds but not very noticeable.

No fault
The other thing is when the noise is happening the brakes are being impacted feels like something stuck
Apologies, missed your response before. When you say the brakes are being impacted, is that because the car decelerates or because you feel it through the brake pedal? I'd be removing the front calipers and checking all the sliding surfaces and the brake pads.
if feeling up the abs ie brake pedal would say maybe wheel bearing has failed badly and effected the abs sensor on that corner would jack car and grab wheel see if any movement before driving it anywhere else
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It could, maybe, be your vacuum pump. This has known failures due to lack of oil/starvation and if it seizes it will take out the cam shaft that drives it. The vacuum pump assists the brakes through the servo. Not trying to scare you. Hearing it during coasting, possible but would be less noisy as RPM is reduced to idle speed.
if thats a gen 2 r56 its got some really big issues with diff in gearbox whining like that,, ie if vac pump as scudder has pointed out,, if gen super charged as it sounds to me might be the plastic torsion damper within the snout of the super charger snout the roller gears maybe,
to rule it out pull the belt off and run it see if noise goes,, also can rotate the snout pulley by hand see if have a lot of clunk from it, have seen many over 100k cars throw diff ie planet gears wear out or snap off
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