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My baby is home

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Oh my, I'm really happy with this little beast, been driving since i got her, around 2-3hrs :)

But I have 2questions, 1. Can't you have the cabinlight switch on when a door opens?(It's a 2003) and when I turn the car off it keeps the blinkerlights on, i have to switch it over to 0 on the left thing for the lights for them to shut down. ooh well.

It's a bit dirty tho. ;)

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COOL photos :D

And congrats.
Those are Great Pics-Not sure about the Questions u have though sorry.
Thank you!
I quite agree, nice piccies! I think the rear end needs cleaning though!! jk

Im looking for a photographic location for mine, anybody got any suggestions (UK only)

Great photos!! Do you have a straight side view photo? The Cooper S I have coming in next week has those wheels, and I plan on installing Eibach Pro Kit springs as soon as I get the car.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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