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2010 Mini Clubman
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My daughter and her friend drove through about 10 inches of water in our 2010 Clubman. The car turned off and had to be pushed into a nearby parking lot. It would not restart, even though it was out of the water. It was still raining so we left it in the parking lot until the next day. Before leaving I checked the intake and there was no water in it and no signs that water had gotten into it. I also checked the fuse box and it did not appear that any water was there either. The entire top of the engine was dry and my daughter said they were driving slowly when they went through it.
The next day the car finally started, however now was running extremely rough. The check engine light also came on.
When we got it back to the house I checked the engine oil and there is no water in it.
The tester shows multiple cylinder misfires. I replaced the plugs and coil packs, still it runs rough and shows misfires. I checked the compression and the cylinders are holding compression.
Any suggestions on what else to check would be appreciated.
Thank you.
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