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My first Mini... sump gasket leak

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Hello all,

My name is Vince and I may be about to buy my first ever Mini!
It's a Mini One, 51 plate, 70k miles, £1395. Never ever driven, or thought of owning, a Mini in the past (I'm 6'1" so always figured they'd be too small.)
However I just test drove one and was very surprised at how roomy it was and how well it drove.

I always like to sign up to an appropriate forum for the car I currently drive as they're invaluable when it comes to needing help or advice. So in expectation of owning a Mini, here I am!

And my question is this - the Mini I'm looking to buy has had an advisory on its last MOT - "minor oil seep sump gasket area".
The garage said they've "tightened it" so it should be ok.

Is this anything to worry about? I've done a bit of research but couldn't come up with a definitive answer...

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More likely to be the crankshaft sensor seal on the front of the block, often miss diagnosed as sump gasket.
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