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My Last Post - Scooby arrives tomorrow!

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Well, thought I better check in for one last post.

Three years and two MINI's down the line my adventure comes to an end tomorrow when our CR/W MCS gets traded in for a black four door MY05 WRX.

We're expecting our second baby in February - so with some reluctance the cheeky chappy had to go (the car not our 17 month old son!) and is getting replaced by this months 'newest' Impreza. ;-)

I'll miss this forum although I've not checked in as much as I used to (well I've been on scoobynet a bit which does explain things!). I'll miss the buzz MINI's give you - it is a very special car; owners know it, car magazines know it and judging from the waiting list so does the wider public. I'll miss the thrill MINI's give you but I won't miss cleaning it's filthy rear end in the winter (is that hatch a mud magnet or what?). I'll also miss its cuteness but I won't miss other motorists cutting you up 'cause its 'just a MINI'. Why do these people assume you're going as slow as them - particularly when you barrel round a roundabout at speed? ;-) I've not explained myself well there, but its maybe easier to visualise then write down!

I'll still check out the model at motor shows too - being one of the first to see the wooden dash at Paris a few years ago whilst wearing an 'Orange' MINI2 logo t-shirt was a good laugh (newbies will wonder what the h*ll I'm talking about!).

If the latest WRX has 50% of the handling and steering feel of the MCS then I'll be more than happy. It's got more room and is (a little bit) more practical but I wouldn't dare say it's a better car. It might be quicker than many MINI's, but does it feel as nice arcing through some fast bends - fingers crossed it will. It doesn't have anything like the charm of the MINI but it's got it's own culture too - hey, I've even bought my first mod for it. A big shiny Prodrive stainless steel exhaust (something I never felt compelled to do with my MINI's) but I'm making an effort to fit in!!

Anyhoo, enough already. May all your dashboard creaks sort themselves out and your on board computers starting telling you the 'real' truth about your mpg (about 15% below stated is my guess). ;-)

Thank you and goodnight.


PS. The bloke that runs this site (Paul?) deserves a medal!

PPS. Like you give a :bad::bad::bad::bad: about fuel economy when your having this much fun!

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All the best:p
Congrats and all the Best-Come back and visit :)
All the best happy and safe motoring.

See on the S bends! ;)

I suppose a WRX will have to do, lol :p

Best of Luck :)
Fully understand and actually like your WRX choice of vehicle. It was between the WRX and the Mini before I purchased the Cooper. Great Japanese quality, fast, and AWD. Plus you will never get a ticket because it's so stealthy on the road.
Nice post, glad you've enjoyed the MINI, and MINI2.... have fun the Scooby.

dav said:
Fully understand and actually like your WRX choice of vehicle. It was between the WRX and the Mini before I purchased the Cooper. Great Japanese quality, fast, and AWD. Plus you will never get a ticket because it's so stealthy on the road.
Same thing I went through a couple years back. Obviously I chose the MINI :)

I've driven an '04 WRX a couple times in auto-x. Very nice but still a bit soft after the MINI.
dietbruking said:
a black four door MY05 WRX
For a moment I thought that was going to be the registration number.
Congrats on the new purchase...

Sad to see anyone leave the 'community'.

Im sure if you need a mini fix and want to go for a drive, stick your head in here and Im sure you will find someone to take you for a spin...:)

Good luck, and don't be a stranger.............:)
DBK & All,

Not hijacking your thread, but.....
I'm afraid I'm another who has defected to an 03 Impreza WRX. I've had it for a week or so now and it doesn't quite match my MCS for cornering madness. The mini still seems the more "chuckable" of the two (at the moment!), though the WRX does fly in a straight line and off the mark, something to do with AWD v. Traction control..? Oh, and a boot and four doors too...!

I'll miss my MCS, but won't miss all of the things DBK mentioned, along with all the creaks and rattles, which nearly drove me mad..! :mad:

I intend to pop in here now and again though, and if I do need my MINI fix, my girlfriend still has her IB/B Cooper (which I always preferred looks wise and drive wise). :p

As a result, There may be a few bits and bobs appearing on Ebay over the next few days which some of you guys may find of interest. Do a search under my username on there v8voodoo. There's currently a very luvverly Whalen on there at the moment. ;)

I can only second DBK's comment regarding Mr. Paul Mullett. You do a sterling job and have opened SO many peoples eyes and minds to the MINI. Well done that man.

DBK, see you on Scoobynet..!

Good night one and all.......

Burberry cap on rear parcel shelf, ;)
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Good luck mate, Enjoy the Scooby they are awesome cars! :D
dietbruking, it sounds like you haven't test-driven the WRX yet???! I hope you have before buying!!!

Wow! I posted this a while back, but it is unique how so many people are either in for a WRX or MINI. And if they didn't have the one, they'd have the other. Unique and bizarre. Those two autos must be separated-at-birth. :D
Mini or Scooby

I am one of those people who has narrowed his choices to an Impreza or a Mini - I guess because my greatest criteria is fun-factor. I love to drive (swiftly.) I always look forward to getting into my car even though my 02 Civic Si isn't even all that dynamic of a car to drive. Specifically, I'm between a WRX STi or a JCW MCS. I know these two cars really couldn't be that much more different but they both are notoriously fun to drive so I guess that's how I got here.....
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