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ive come back from a 2 week holiday in spain. for the first couple of days i pestered for a hire car but NO. then they did and i found the perfect one a MINI ONE in chili red but then down the road at a hire place callled vanrell with a chili white mini one so we hired it for 3 days took it up a large mountain. thrashing the mini round corners it was fun here arev the first decent pics ive ever took recently (apart from the mini convertible launch they were good pics that i took) enjoy my pics.!! :D

Liquid Yellow One infront of our Pepper White One


All Images Below Are of MINI On Big Mountain.

Last Couple Of Pics Are of MINI Next To a Lake On The Mountain

Su una Aventura Mini :D (Its a Mini Adventure :D )

Addicted to Speed!!
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Hey that's Mallorca!! I was there about 5 weeks ago! :D

Nice place isn't it. Is the 3rd pic in the Luc Monastry car park?

I also went on that road and even stopped in that layby by a resevoir!

I was driving a Skoda estate though!!! :eek: Had to because there were 5 of us. :(

Good MINI roads though! :D

Here's a pic looking back the oposite way from yours at the tunnel ! ;) :D


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