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My Mini is haunted...

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Help....My 2003 Cooper has twice opened the windows and sunroof on its own..The last time it happened was during a recent Southern California rainstorm. I am still drying it out. Am I the only one with a haunted Mini?
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I know if you put the key in the drivers door, turn it left and hold it there the windows and sun roof will open....never heard of MINIs opening the windows/sunroof on their own :confused:
If you hold down the unlock button on the key the mini will open the windows (and sunroof if it has one).

All you can do is take care where you keep your keys as it can easily happen if the key is on a keyring with other keys in your pocket.

On a previous car I added a switch to the key so that the remote wouldn't operate if the key was folded away. MINI keys don't fold, so I can't do that with a MINI.
I've THOUGHT this before....

but then realised that whilst indoors I had sat on the key. Luckily for me it wasn't raining. It's funny as when I unlock my car the front door bell goes as well........
Don't know about my mini, but Waitrose car park in Bath must be...... twice i've come back to my car and switched on the ignition and heard the beep as the temperature gauge registers less than 3Centigtrade... then it instantly shoots up to the ambient temperature eg 7 degrees..... spookey
cfranklin said:
but then realised that whilst indoors I had sat on the key. Luckily for me it wasn't raining. It's funny as when I unlock my car the front door bell goes as well........
I laughed out when I read this!! So funny, but then I thought maybe everyone with the same doorbell will unlock your car if it's parked in the vicinity!!
Of course it doesn't work like that, but the sender frequency match is one in a million, and I doubt the doorbell makers change it at all, so even though people will not unlock your car with their doorbell, I wonder how many doorbells you ring when you get into your car!! :D :D :D

Maybe MINI should offer you freebies for the 'unique' advertising ploy you have happened upon. :D
My friend who works up at the MINI plant in oxford (and hopefully where i will be in September :cool: ) had the same problem with his MINI. It turns out the problem is with the body control unit. As you said if you hold the unlock button, the car goes into what is called "Comfort Mode" (Opens roof and windows) and also unlocks the doors. What happens is when it rains, the moisture effects the body control unit, and it goes into comfort mode. So rather than a mistake of the user with the key, it is an actual fault. My friend managed to fix this himself as he had access to the equipment. What he did was to just reprogram the control unit to deactivate Comfort Mode. I'm sure if you went to a BMW/MINI dealer, they could do the same for you, hopefully under warranty :cool:

Thanks for all your help. My Mini is two thousand miles over the warranty. I have been trying to talk Mini into covering it. Thanks again!!
when i told mini bout this problem they fort again i was mad but i guess it is tru..and yes it does happen when it rains also never when its sunny.

if you deactivate comfort mode does that mean you cant open sunroof and windows with keys??
Snow Mini

Hi Just had similar trouble with our Mini One during the night it put down both windows ,but left the doors locked, trouble was, it snowed most of the night, and we had several inches on the seats and dashboard, I am awaiting the dealer response to the trouble,as it was a friday night, we have to wait until Monday to sort it, Previously it has refused to open the boot, and then opened it going along, That has been fixed, also CD player stops after an cd has nearly played. and we have even had the radio start up as we turn the engine off at home! I hope all these will be fixed this time!! :confused: Pat
This happened to me twice, and just to make sure I wasn't getting vandalized or going crazy, i did a search on Forum and found your posts. Anyway, I printed this thread and took it to my dealer and told them to disable the "comfort" feature. Luckily, or "unluckily" for others, they'd seen it before, with snow in a few Minis. My dealer, Herb Chamber's in Boston, put my Mini on the computer and found that it had a "fried" computer of it's own, and replaced it on Warranty. Hasn't happened since. Thanks for your previous posts. Best, :blblack:
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