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Prettier too!

How can you possibly deny it?

I`ve had a great (dull & misty, after a sunny start) day today here in the UK!

Seen a couple of MINI Coopers and one Civic Type-R . . . red and exquisite - both of them!

How`s your weekend in Oz been so far?

The MINI`s are on their way . . . !

(I`m not supposed to be on here really!)

Bring the noise
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You seem to have had more comebacks than Cliff Richard and Tom Jones put together and throm in Status Quo too ! whoever they are !
I can only guess that Honda2 with it's extra large text, and features on stairlifts and sit in baths is a tad boring ! I must confess that the links pages are fun ! I enjoyed the Wallace Arnold and which toupee ? site enormously !
No ill intended, honest !
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