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Just brought a new mini.

Car has approx 110k miles on it. I only paid £650 for the car. Delivered to me private seller. Here’s the issue. The guy never serviced the engine or did any servicing at all. It showed as well when i first drove it. But my wife wanted a mini so that’s what she got (for now).

I’ve changed from copper spark plugs to platinum (however only running on 3 cylinders at the moment).

done oil and filter, air filter - I’m changing the exhaust Monday with coolant and expansion tank also (previous owner had an oil cap plus had a leak) - were doing a complete system flush as the thing is dirty and disgusting. Plus hopefully be able to breath a bit better

I’m going to also carbon clean it as well because I want the car to last and be safe for her while she is driving.

So I’m waiting for new HT leads to get the 4th cylinder going and stop misfiring.

is there anything else I can do/check to make it safe for her? (Brakes/disc/callipers have all been checked).

Haven’t gone for anything fancy on the exhaust but it’s definitely an upgrade as the thing doesn’t weight as much as the factory one plus may as well do it to maybe give it a bit more performance(it’s the only bit I want to see! Haha) it’s the £50 one on eBay and I brought it last night and arrived this morning. People say it’s a very good exhaust and slight bit louder also. Plus I was going to do the work myself but found someone who would do it for £80.

I’m a bloke so I’m looking at performance. My wife is just looking for a daily drive but also I want to drive it also but don’t want to go OTT over it

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When this second generation came out. way back in 2007. a couple years later ;I bought mine.
I remember reading a thread that said mini cooper the only car out there if you bought a header for it; IT would not change a thing. But back then the type of performance gains one expected to see with most cars was massive. Especially with a header or exhaust system. The 2nd generation was the beginning the Map tuning to the next level. with gains that were notable.
So in the end you would need a re map on a 2nd generation for 40 or so horsepower.
But in reality one can still clean up the residual signal of the power that already comes with the car and then get a re map at a tune closer to 230, and with additional R.V. type cams or hot cams which ever one chooses can hope to closer to 250-260 horsepower. Now that is quite a bit for a little 1.6 liter, and may not be that practical for the car engine although most of the cams these days are advertised as streetable.
In the generation 1 mini cooper it comes across to me as about the same direction one could take to reach that horsepower goal. Only with a First gen R53 supercharged one would be looking at the 300 horsepower region.
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