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My New Car!!!!

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Went upto my dealership this afternoon to give them my insurance certificate, I saw my new Mini One Convertible drive past me in the car park on its PDI. Got the Mini Technician to let me have a cheeky poke around it. Very exciting!!!

Very glad I chose the Anthracite Dash over the silver I had in my previous Mini, it looks great with the full leather.

One other point, the new Washer Fluid Level indicator looks a bit out of place, a bit random. You do notice it from the outside of the car, eventhough a good idea, maybe they could have made it into a dash light or something.

Anyway, got a couple of pictures, sorry about the quality they were taken with my mobile!!


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Hi Welcome to the club

Car looks great especially with the chrome exterior agaisnt the black. What do you mean about the new Washer Fluid, is that because they have moved it to the end of the stalk ??
Lookks great, you must be so excited!!
I have 29 sleeps until my MCSC is here, I am going nuts!!
i have 8 more sleeps before my MCC arrives... great minds think alike as i decided to take my insurance certificate in on the day it arrives in the dealer (wednesday) to get a cheeky look! :rolleyes:
It's Here!!!!

After a horrible trip to the dentist I finally picked my car up today after seeing it in the week. Its absolutely amazing, the roof is so clever.
The handover only took 30 mins or so which is a bonus.
The only problem I had when I got home is that when I left the car on the drive, walked away from it and the brake lights remained on. Very strange!!. I just opened the car again and that fixed the problem, no idea what happened, maybe the brakes were just sticking slightly.

My final spec was:

Astro Black Mini One Convertible
Pepper pack with all its bits and bobs
Gravity Black Leather
Anthracite Dash
17" Bullets
3 Spoke Leather Steering Wheel
Front Seat Heating
Harman Kardon HiFi

I think thats it. I will post some pics in my gallery over the weekend.

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it sounds lovely i get mine next friday.... what free gifts did you get?
Gifts??.....Sweet FA
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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