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My Recent Acquisition

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Love this car already. After 12 years of cutting about in a 1.4 2nd Gen MINI First I decided on treating myself.

The plates on the 'First' will be transferred over soon before looking at parting with her, will be a wrench when I have to do this, she served me well over the years but can't go on forever I suppose.

I've already ordered replacement front grill trim and headlights in black. Rear light trims will follow, won't do the beltline, badges, handles or fuel cap though as I like them with the chrome effect. This car is like night and day compared to the 1.4 :love:

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What size wheels do you have on your car? Hard to see on your pics. Looking at a pre-facelift JCW same colour as yours (Apr 18 reg) that has 18" wheels and wondering what the ride is like?
Are your Zak Graphics, the same style as you took off? That's the style I'm looking for in 'JCW red' to match my roof but I can't seem to find Zak Graphics when I search online? Can you put up a link for them or DM one ?
Right! I made a pigs ear of putting the stripes on :censored: There were no instructions with the product so I went for a 'dry' application, that turned out to be full of trapped air, small 'bubbles' which I tried to repair by pricking them with a pin.

So for the larger piece I decided to go wet, absolute disaster it was, in the bin it went. I wasted my money again! I'm hopeless at putting vinyl on a car, totally hopeless, never again.

Anyway I've taken a pic of the one wee little bit I managed with 'pierced bubbles' the JCW red looks good right enough, but that'll be ripped off as it looks awful. The car won't ever have stripes now, I move on.
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If my missus got wind of my stupidity regards this car and bonnet stripes she'd kill me.
Shame its proved a problem for you as the colour match does look good. I've never tried adding vinyl myself either but might get some of these and give it a go. Might not be until the autumn though as I've got my de-chroming and UJ tail lights to fit first.
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