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Check that the latches on the "easy access" boot are closed firmly and that the parcel shelf is in place. There are two micro switches on the shelf so make sure the shelf is completely lowered.
After saying that, my roof did fail while halfway through closing and no matter what I did it wouldn't budge. Not a geek from the motors, nor any flashing from the roof buttons to say it wasn't secured. Left it for an hour and tried it again and it closed a couple of inches then died again. Kept doing this for a while till I got it completely closed. After that it would only do sunroof mode. (It wasn't the overheat problembecause it was cold out (10c)). Brought it in to my dealer and they could find no problems, typical it started working again. They reset all the computers and switches etc and (touch wood) it hasn't occured again.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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