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MiniMeesch said:

I've just been through all the faulty cabrio threads and they appear to be related to flat batteries, snapped cables or overheating. I had a problem with mine this morning that I don't think can be blamed on any of these.

Started the car first thing... opened the sunroof only as I was only driving a mile and a half into the village. Shut the sunroof on arriving and left the car for about 10 minutes. Come back, start the car, open the sunroof initially (no problem) and then on 2nd press of the button the roof stops mid-opening. I try a selection of different button presses - it won't open any further but it shut ok.

On my final journey home I had the sunroof open no problem.

Spoke to my local dealer who says they will probably need it for a couple of days to look at it.

Has anyone had this problem/heard of it/got any further information? :confused:

if I were you, i'd keep the roof firmly shut until they have had it plooked at. Have you seen the pictures of cars with thier roof half open, half closed?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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