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Mini Cooper Countryman S Stage 3
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Hi everyone,

My name is Yosia.
As a new member I am going to share my car modification list, dyno result and pictures.
This car has been daily driven since my last modification. Top speed, WOT and sudden accelerating are often done since speed limit in my country is not enforced.
Some custom modifications were done such as tube adapter for coilovers (using R60 Coilover won't lower the car this much with good ride and more shock strut travel).
Some metal radius cut and paint were done in order to lower this car without rubbing with only -1.00 camber rear and mild stiff setting, no more chewing tires with car sitting low. This car drives really good, comfortable, no rubbing at all, and been running around 35.000 kilometers so far with ZERO problem.

Hope my post can inspire some users here.

My Mini Countryman S 2015

Engine :

  • Mambatek Turbo with some wastegate adjustment to 22.4 psi.
  • Manic Stage 3 ECU Map
  • Speed Limiter Unlocked
  • Pop and Bang, Aggressive Popcorn Exhaust Sound in Sport Mode
  • Custom 2.75" Air Intake
  • K&N 3" Open Air Filter
  • Custom Carbon Air Box
  • Secondary Air Funnel
  • AEM Model Hood Scoop for more air
  • NM Resistors for heater and breather
  • 2 step Colder NGK Spark Plugs
  • Forge DV Spacer
  • Forge Intercooler
  • Forge Intercooler Piping
  • Catless 2.5" Downpipe with DEi Wrap
  • ORD Exhaust Catback full 2.5"
  • 3.5 inch Dual Tailpipe
  • Monster Max Boost Speed Next V2
  • PTT Lubricant 1A Transmission Oil
  • HKS Water Temp Adapter
  • Custom Aluminum Boost Tap
Suspension and Undercarriage :
  • R56 Custom Original SACHS Coilover with E90 Coilover Spring Front (custom sleeves made in order to fit R56 coilover absorber to R60
  • R56 Custom made coilover with Eibach Spring Rear
  • Stage 2 Ultra Racing Bar Front Lower, Middle Lower, Rear Lower
  • TSW II Engine Strut Bar
  • Silver Racing Camber Plate
  • Eibach Pro Camber Kit Rear
Wheels :
  • Advan Connosieur 18x8.5 with custom Advan cap
  • Semi slick 245/40R18
Brake :
- Vented JCW Disc front and rear

Exterior :
  • 2 layers Coating
  • Oracal White Vinyl Wrap For Chrome Scuttle
  • Red JCW Grill Stripe
  • Red Air Scoop
  • Pure Carbon Fender
  • Custom carbon engine hood scoop
  • Customize Side Skirts JCW (made a fatter shape) with Red Scoop
  • Customize Rear JCW Body Kit (made a fatter shape) with gloss black mesh
  • Custom carbon triangle A and C pillar
  • Black Transparent MINI Rain Visor
  • Custom Carbon JCW Scuttle
  • Sequential Black Side Sign
  • Philips Orange Bulb Upper Fog Lights
  • Big JCW Front Lip
  • UK Flag Side Mirror Cover
  • UK Flag Short Antenna
  • Rear Underneath Universal Diffuser from Aliexpress
  • Acrylic Made License Plate Covers with some black paint on it
  • Drilled Right Grill for secondary air funnel
  • Paint gloss black on all panel include wiper
  • Paint semi matte black on all fenders and rearview side mirror mounting
  • UK Flag Panoramic One Way Sticker
Interior, Audio and Others :
  • Greddy Water Temp and Boost Meter
  • Custom Gauges Mounting
  • Red and Brown Seats
  • UK Flag and JCW Ornaments On Dash, Rearview Mirror, Pillow and Steering
  • MINI Alpine Android Head Unit with DVR
  • VENOM Processor with Harmann Kardon Speakers
  • Soundstream Amplifier for speakers
  • VENOM Monoblock for subwoofer
  • TL Acoustics 12" Subwoofer
  • Fast Charging MINI Socket for Phone
  • UK Flag Foot Lamp
  • Pink Interior Lamp
  • RGB with remote ilumination under dash
  • MINI Welcome Door Light
  • MINI Perfume AC Vent
  • BMW Amber Selection Perfume mounted on cabin filter
  • JCW Door Pins
  • Custom Fit Floor Mat
  • Purple Key Ring with Bigger MINI Emblem
Here's some pics :

BMW Balanced Amber Fragrance

Mamba Turbo

300hp with zero problem. Been driven hard for 35.000 kilometers.


Yosia - Indonesia
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