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Morning all please can anybody help with the cat removal technique as I simply cannot get the bloody thing out of the car, I can't seem to separate the heat shield. is there anyway to remove this without taking the entire front off with radiator pack ect?

I have picked up an 09 Mini One as a bit a project toy car from a friend mechanic for £100, when I got it she was blowing smoke for fun out of the exhaust which I diagnosed as failed valve stem seals. I replaced these without removing the head and changed the timing chain however it will not pass the MOT due to the emissions being well out, the previous old lady owner had been warned by the mechanic 8 months ago during a service that it was beginning to burn oil however she did nothing until it failed the MOT. I have changed the vanos solenoids, a broken pcv pipe and both lambda sensors but with only a little improvement so Im guessing the cat is knackered due to the oil being burned for the past 6 months.

THanks guys and gals in advance
I did my cat replacement over the weekend, I did remove front grill, then bumper and bumper enforcement, fairly easy job. Makes removal of the cat easier.
Had same issue with smoking valve seals but after they been replaced car stopped smoking. I still have old cat if you interested. It is yours.
I was trying to fix the other issue when car on the first gear, when clutch engages with flywheel, the moment when it engages revs are dropping and almost stalling. I used to remedy this by holding clutch longer.
My guess was that cat was blocked, after the change I did not noticed any improvement. So if you need it let me know. It is free
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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